AT LAST. We have the Book 3 premiere date. Thanks to IGN we now know that Book 3 Change will premiere on Nickelodeon on June 27th from 7pm-8pm with the first two episodes of Book 3. K301Screen So exactly a week from today we will have Book 3 at last. The full airing details are as follows: K301 A Breath Of Fresh Air will start at 7pm est, followed immediately by K302 Rebirth Of A Nation. This brings us up to 8pm est which will be the regular airing time for Book 3 (Same as the last few episodes of Book 2 after Nick finally stuck to a time) where we will also get K303 The Earth Queen. So from 7pm to 8:30pm we will have nothing but Korra Book 3 Change. We also get it confirmed that because the following Friday is the fourth of July the show will be taking a week off returning July 11th. Which makes sense, them not wanting to air the show on an important day where attention may be away from the episode. We have episode descriptions for the first two episodes to go with this announcement.
K301 A Breath Of Fresh Air After the events of Harmonic Convergence, Avatar Korra discovers that her decision to leave the spirit portals open has unexpected consequences. Wild spirit vines have overgrown Republic City and Airbenders are suddenly popping up across the four nations. K302 Rebirth Of A Nation Korra, Tenzin and Team Avatar search for new Airbenders in an effort to recruit them and rebuild the Air Nation. Meanwhile, a band of sinister criminals are organizing to hunt down the Avatar themselves.
Last but not least we have a clip from the first episode which you can see on IGN My thoughts First of all I am delighted that it is airing so early, after all of the drama with leaks and everything it is great to have everything we have wanted for so long. In fact the date is so early that I almost wish Nick would push the date back a week or two just so people have time to know that Korra is coming back. 1 week notice is very short, I really do think that everything has been a reaction to the leaks. Most of all I am happy that we can get past the drama of Nick holding everything back and just focus on the show itself now. Onwards to Book 3 Change!