Airspeed Prime here with a big site event to tell you about. It is the Book 2 Spirits Awards, any of you who have been on the site since the end of Book 1 will know that we did these awards for Book 1 Air and they were a huge success. So naturally we had to do them for Book 2 also. The Legend Of Korra Book 2 Spirits Awards

Book 2 Awards

These will work more or less identically to the Book 1 Awards. This time round there are 28 awards compared to 27 from last time. The changes are as follows: -Best Technology was removed as we did not feel that it was a big aspect of this Book. -Best Spirit was added in its place as spirits were a big focus this book. -Best Minor character is now split into Best Supporting character and Best Minor character. Supporting being a character who is in the show a lot but not enough to be considered a main character and minor being a character who is only in a few scenes. Here is how the awards will work. -You have 2 weeks from now to vote on the following awards, so the deadline is December 6th. -Vote in the comments section below (You do not need to be a member on the site, everyone is welcome to vote) -After the 2 weeks are up the results will be announced on a special episode of this site's podcast, The Avatar Online Podcast. We will go through each award and talk about what our own votes were for and then announce the winners and discuss the results. So here is the full list of 28 awards for you to vote on. -Best Main Character (Between Korra, Bolin, Mako, Tenzin, Unalaq, Wan, Raava, Vaatu )- -Best Supporting Character (Asami, Varrick, Eska, Desna, Lin, Tonraq, Raiko, Jinora, Kya, Bumi) - -Best Minor Character (Any other non spirit character) - -Best Spirit (Past Avatars don’t count)- -Best Character Development- -Best Quote (name the character who says it)- -Best Location- -Best Animal- -Best Episode- -Funniest Moment- -Most Emotional Moment- -Most Shocking Moment- -Most Epic Moment- -Weirdest/Most Random Moment- -Best Shipping/Romantic Moment- -Best Fight- -Best ATLA reference- -Best Airbending Moment- -Best Earthbending Moment- -Best Waterbending Moment- -Best Firebending Moment- -Best non-bender fighting moment- -Most Attractive Male Character- -Most Attractive Female Character- -Best Voice Actor- -Best Music Piece- -Most disappointing thing about Book 2- -Most surprising part of Book 2- So how do you vote ? Basically it is very simple, just copy and paste the list of awards above into the comment box below this post and add in your choice for each and hit reply.
Notes/ -Please 1 vote per person and keep your vote in 1 post. Vote for all awards. -You may change your votes before the deadline by replying to your original post, but please try to get your votes down first try. -You do not need to explain why you voted for a certain thing. -Most awards like best character are simple as the characters name will be all that is needed, but for the ones like "Funniest Moment" make it very clear what moment you are referring to. What episode was it in, characters involved etc -The last two awards are not most disappointing and most surprising moment, it is the aspect of the Book as a whole that you were disappointed in and surprised with how good it was. Example, Not I was disappointed that Makorra broke up, instead I was disappointed with the direction the creators took the romance in. Explain for these awards. Check out this video for a audio explanation of these awards Let the voting begin!!!!