Airspeed Prime here andYes you have read that title correctly, Community Opinion has returned after a long absence (due to mass amounts of Korra info in the mean time, a lot of which is now sadly lost due to the site hack). Some of you older members will know about these, but for the many new members we have gotten since CO 12 this will be the first one they have seen. This months Community Opinion will be the book mark to CO 1 which was all about expectations on Korra,  so without going on too long this months topic is The Legend Of Korra Book 1 Air 


To explain further, the topic is about looking back on Book 1 of Korra, from expectations, the 12 episodes themselves and even looking into the future of Korra. What I asked anyone interested in participating was for them to cover these 4 points - Expectations about the show before it came out - Thoughts on the book itself - Thoughts on the differences and similarities in the way that Korra and ATLA handled an Avatar show - Thoughts on what is to come in Book 2 Lets get into the communities opinions now. Airspeed Prime (Super Moderator/Facebook Admin/ Podcast Main Host/ Popular Post Writer and some other things) I had just discovered this site when news of Korra was first coming out, so my happiness at finding a community like this was increased tenfold when I heard a new show was also coming, it was amazing to see the whole site so excited after at that time around 3 years with no new Avatar show. I was super excited with every single piece of information that came out, with Mike and Bryan in charge we really had nothing to worry about. The one thing that I was slightly concerned about was the news that Korra would have cars and motorbikes and other technology like that, for me it was less about the advancement of technology as opposed to how the designs looked, if they were too futuristic it may have been a problem, but when I saw the designs I loved them and though they really captured the feel of 70 years of advancement. The wait, long, but exciting, Mainly due to the discussions on this site, at last came to an end and we were through Book 1 in 11 weeks, 11 amazing weeks. The show was fantastic, but the fan reaction and discussion was just as good and made the week breaks between episodes bearable. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Book 1 Air, it had a few flaws, but the new 12 episode shorter book, made for such an exciting thrill ride that really only the final few episodes of ATLA can rival. The pace of the story, while developing characters is such a strength of the show, while feeling slightly rushed mainly in character arcs, there is so much time to continue to develop characters in the 40 episodes still to come. Korra as a character for me was the best part of the show, I liked the description we were getting of her in the build up, but she just blew me away with how good of a character she was. Completely different to the previous Avatar and previous shows main character, she had a lot to live up to and did so amazingly well. The key thing here was that while Aang was the reluctant Avatar who had all the traits to be an amazing Avatar, she is eager to be the Avatar, but has flaws that hinder her as the Avatar, seeing her realise this and ultimately unlock those things near the end was a fantastic journey for her. The other characters were just as good, they did not overuse the ATLA characters or their children, I was behind the new Team Avatar just as much as the original. Lin and Tenzin are not just copies of their parents, but their own unique characters. I don't want to go on too long, but I loved this book, the only let down for me was that I felt they did not give themselves enough time to explain some things which made parts of the ending feel a bit rushed and meant you had to really analyse what happened to get it, not a huge problem, but the only one that stood out to me from an othewise near-perfect Book 1. The animation and music, not much to be said other than utterly immense. On to the fact that Korra in format and story is at the same time similar and very different to ATLA. Similar in that it instantly grabbed me as still being the Avatar world despite 70 years of changes, the way characters were introduced and developed remained a huge strength. The big thing though are the differences, the main one being a shorter book compared to ATLA, 12 as opposed to 20. It meant Korra was not going to have episodes just devoted to character development with little plot, both would have to happen simultaneously. I felt this worked very well throughout all 12 episodes, but that characters like Asami and Bolin near the end had little screentime to get in any development, something Book 2 should hopefully change. The story was so well done, nearly every episode ended with a cliffhanger or emotional moment, which made it a roller coaster ride of a book as things happened. ATLA had more time to build up with the story set up since episode 7, so you never quite had things this intense until the final few episode, Korra was just so intense throughout. Some episodes made me so emotionally involved in the show that I was emotionally drained at the end (K108 and K110 being the main culprits). References to ATLA were masterfully done, not overused or underused, but when they happened they really meant something and had a huge connection. My expectations for Book 2 and going forward in Korra. Book 2 Spirits will be 14 episodes, I think those added 2 episodes will do so much for this book. Book 1 ends with Korra connecting to her spiritual side, but not mastering or respecting it, so her learning to as the Avatar have a respect for the spirits and her role will be so interesting, especially given how Aang as an Airbender just had most of that spiritual side down. It will be a great story to see her experience the Spirit World and other spirits. The big thing for me will be that we will see more stuff outside republic city, like the Southern Water tribe in more depth, I am interested in seeing just how much the various places have changed in the 70 years. Korra's Uncle, Unalaq, for me is the most interesting new character we have seen, from the NWT, we will most likely see more on how the two water tribe's relationship has developed, not to mention his connection to the spirits. The main thing for me will just be seeing the characters develop more, especially Asami and Bolin. Tracy (Moderator) When I first heard about Korra coming out, I was extremely excited. I had such a deep love for the Avatar world and the characters that developed from it. I wasn’t so concerned about the shipping, shipping happens in any universe, and we like who we like, but, I was thrilled that we were going to see new characters, a new world, and have a taste of the old as well. And I do admit, I was very excited to find out who Dante Basco was going to voice. Unlike other people in fandom, I wasn’t expecting a carbon copy of ATLA as nothing could possibly top that, so bringing in something fresh and new is wonderful. Also, I was filled with happy anticipation over how my fellow members would feel. As for the show itself, once I saw it, I was a bit disappointed. I’m not saying it’s bad. There are some parts that I loved. Korra’s enthusiasm made her very endearing. Tenzin’s children are so cute, fresh, and funny. Meelo was over the top funny, but that made it all the more humourous. Jinora and Ikki were so lovable, and I did enjoy their airbending. When it came to Asami, I thought she was going to be the beautiful villain, I was delighted that I was wrong. Part of the draw to the show was the intrigue, you didn’t always know what was going to happen. And I loved the bending tournaments! Especially when Tenzin’s was so against it, Korra was a Leaf in the wind and he whooped with excitement. As for the negative aspects. Sometimes, and that could do with editing as well, the story seemed to move too fast. The animation seemed choppy and some of the characters lacked that realism that it’s predecessor had. Mako’s treatment of Asami was rather confusing, yet, I must admit, I wanted him with Korra. The only thing that really bothered me was the suicide/murder at the end between the brothers. There is nothing in the writing that cannot be fixed and finding out that there will be more episodes gives me hope that the feelings I had will be resolved. As for season two, I really hope to see more of General Iroh. When he appeared, it made everything worth watching. He is much like his ancestors, yet different. I want to get to know him better. I’d like to see more than ten seconds of Bumi and have big hopes of seeing Kya. I’m also hoping for a BOLSAMI ship. I really do hope we get to see more character development so I can fall in love with the characters as much as I have the characters of ATLA. Some of the links to the original were a bit cheesy, they called themselves Team Avatar, the naming of the children to show relations, but over all, it was enjoyable. I prefer the animation in the original because of the realism of the characters themselves. And I LOVED the flashbacks where we got to see Team Avatar. Aang still had that open face. They did a good job of older Sokka and Aang. Overall, if someone asked me if I’d recommend Legend Of Korra, I’d say absolutely. Of course, I will always have a special place for the original. There are so many sides to both that make them memorable, and here’s hoping that seasons 2-4 are going to be awesome!   AvatarAsh When I first heard that Bryke were going to make a new Avatar series, I was over the moon with happiness. Avatar was truly my introduction into the world of Anime, and it’s legacy and messages were a lot for this new series to live up to in my eyes. I had hopes of seeing the old Gaang, and to have Korra the series match Avatar’s standards. I just craved more of the world of benders, and to see how much things had changed in that world in 70 years. When Korra finally came out, I instantly loved the show , just like I did the first time I saw Avatar: The Last Airbender. I noted immediately that Korra was as opposite of Aang as we could possibly get. I was entranced by all these new people and new types of bending(and pro-bending) and the change in the entire society as a whole. Republic City was a great new place for us all to explore. … Amon frightened me from the get go. He had this arrogance that terrified me, and his ability to remove one’s bending was beyond scary. Bolin made me laugh out loud numerous times. Mako seemed aloof, and honestly not who I had in mind for Korra(General Iroh, anyone?) . When we first met Asami and her father, I distrusted both of them. Turns out I was only right about Hiroshi! I loved watching Korra trying to learn airbending. Loved the airbender kids at first sight, found Tenzin so amusing! Lin was my least favorite person in the begining of this season. …Now she’s my favorite. Her development as a person in this season was awesome! …I was very surprised about Tarlok’s bloodbending, and his connection to Amon. The last episode was a thrill-ride of epic proportions, and I can safely say I didn’t see Korra’s bending being taken away coming. I hoped that she would get her airbending unlocked, but I didn’t expect her to get that and then re-obtain all her other elements. That last episode had me hanging on by the edge of my seat! The first difference I noticed about Legend of Korra from A :TLA was the pace in which the story is told. LOK moves very quickly, and we saw faster resolutions to questions us viewers all had. I feel A:TLA had payed more attention to details, while LOK gives you strong main plot points. They are similar in their messages though. Both shows highlight Aang and Korra’s struggles in being the Avatar. I love all the little homages paid to A:TLA in the Korra series, like the flashbacks, and the Avatar theme music when Korra goes into the Avatar State. I also love her new-found connection to Aang and her spiritual side. …And of course, Katara being in the first episode of LOK felt like coming home. Korra can stand on it’s own as a series, but to all of us hardcore fans, it’s wonderful to see bits and pieces of our old Gaang help better shape the LOK story. My hopes for next season are simple ones. I want more back stories! I want all these new people we met last season to be rounded out and to have their stories told. I also hope that we get more time with learning what happened to all of our friends in the Gaang. Meeting some new faces (Kya,Bumi, Korra’s uncle, etc.) will add to the mix nicely…. And of course, seeing Korra get more in touch with her spiritual side and be a fully-realized Avatar will be awesome. I have high hopes for next season!   Agent Nebraska When The Legend of Korra was first announced I was so excited. A little before the announcement of the show, I was going through a huge state of inactiveness (is that a word?) from this site. But now I have been on every day since it was announced. The way ATLA changed my life was paramount; nothing had ever affected me that way. Ever. So when I heard that they were making ANOTHER series, I exploded with excitement. I thought of so many ways the series could turn out. As each bit of information came out, I died of anticipation. I expected the show to be one of the best things that I ever watched. I wanted it to continue my love for the Avatar World. And boy, was that goal achieved. Every week, every Saturday was always the highlight of my week. Watching these episodes as the show progressed, I just felt so many nostalgic feelings. I could feel that even though the show took place seventy years after ATLA, this was still the same staff, the same world, and the same show as it has always been. I could feel the similarities, I could feel that same feeling I had while watching ATLA. That’s what made me like this season, and this show the most. I also liked it for the plot, and the style in which the characters developed. Korra started as a headstrong, physical, and in-your-face Avatar, who couldn’t quite master her spiritual side. Then, she was shown as a girl with a huge fear of the antagonist, Amon. Then, as the series progressed, she eventually went on to become a fully realized Avatar, and a darn good person. Now, I could go through everyone’s character development, but that would just be boring. Before I say anything about Makorra, I want to say that I personally do not like the 12-episode format, because it can take away certain character development and flow sometimes, but you can almost infer what is going on. Now I am going to say it. I am still a Makorra shipper. I think Mako wasn’t given a chance to show his struggle between Korra and Asami. People just think he is a jerk for leaving Asami, but you have to realize he really liked Korra before he liked Asami, so there were bound to be struggles in Masami. That is all I want to say about Makorra, because that is not the main topic of my Community Opinion. I would have to say in conclusion, I loved The Legend of Korra Book 1; I don’t think it disappointed in any way. I liked the way they handled The Legend of Korra. It was definitely a success for me, but I liked how they had the whole mystery part of it. The ”Who is Amon?” and ”What is his plan?” topics really helped to drive along the show. I loved seeing a new Amon theory every day. Also, the new technology advancement in LOK made sense, and were sometimes cool to see. I loved the Metalbending Police; that was a cool link to ATLA, and significant as metalbending used to be an unknown thing. It was also cool to see how the ATLA characters linked into LOK. For instance, we got to see Katara and two of her kids, Sokka became a councilman and spokesman of the council, Toph expanded her metal bending academy into a huge police force, which her daughter is now the chief of, Zuko had a daughter who had a son whom we saw in the series, and we saw all of them in a flashback, and we saw Aang become a real Avatar mentor for Korra. One thing I liked about the links is that the music was separated also. For instance, when Aang was chasing Yakone, the theme from ATLA played, and it also played when Korra entered the Avatar State. All in all, I cannot wait for Book 2. It is called ”Spirits” and we will get to see some more ATLA references no doubt. I’m excited to have Kya and Bumi be main characters, they seem like they would have extravagant personalities. I really hope we get to see Zuko, my favorite character of ATLA. But really, I am extremely anticipating the enemies and the spirit world action that we are going to see. The spirit world is still extremely mysterious to us viewers, and this opportunity to see Korra explore it (while apparently making enemies in it) is just amazing. I for one love the spirit world and it could bring us some more ATLA links like Iroh. Maybe Korra will run into some spirits who know about Iroh? Who knows? I just know it will be amazing, and I will continue to love this show.   Brandy When I first heard of the news that The Legend of Korra would be coming out, I was so extremely excited. I let everyone around me know of my excitement because it was just the most wonderful news I’ve heard in a long while. But after my buzz died down, I started to get a little skeptical of the show. I mean, what on earth could ever live up to Avatar: The Last Airbender? And while I was thinking this, it felt like I was constantly told “You know that this show will never live up to Avatar, right? You’re going to get let down when it airs.” I started to worry that I would be absolutely disappointed with this follow-up, but as an optimist, I put those worries aside and eventually forgot about them as the premiere date got closer and closer. And I’m glad I did. Now at the end of Book 1, I feel like I had nothing to worry about. It’s almost as if I could never compare the two shows to each other because they’re both equally amazing with they’re different styles. What I love the most about Book 1 is its ability to make me crazy with different emotions with its many surprises and plot twists. I could laugh, cry, scream, and just stare in shock all in one episode! That just shows how amazing the writing is and how amazing the show is in general. I feel like the referencing to ATLA in this series was done fairly well also. They aren’t too over used or confusing for those who may not have watched ATLA. Korra has exceeded my expectations. As I have said earlier, I can’t really compare the two different series. I think of Korra as just an extension of ATLA. They are both different from each other, yet they are similar as well. Korra seems to be more serious and “action-packed” since it was condensed into 12 episodes versus the 20. One thing that was very different though was that since time has changed, so has the reaction to the avatar. Both series need the avatar, but Aang was mostly treated like a god and the answer to everything while with the new technology, Korra was treated like she wasn’t even needed; even if she was the avatar. I think that was the result of technology progressing; people felt like they had things under control. Though that wasn’t true for the entire Book 1, it was interesting to see different reactions to the avatar. All in all, I have not been disappointed about Book 1 at all, and I can’t wait to see what will happen in Book 2. I expect that it will not let me down, and I know it will be bigger and better than before. One thing I do hope for is more Aang as a spiritual guide to Korra as Roku was to him. But all I can do now is wait. FireSageGuntur When I first heard about the concept of the Legend of Korra (LOK), I was honestly a bit skeptical because I doubted they could make a show as well done as The Last Airbender (ATLA). However, as Mike and Bryan began to release little bits of information about it, my excitement quickly increased. But, my expectations were high. I wanted the fun and quirkiness of ATLA, but also it’s seriousness, emotions, and depth. In addition, I heard LOK was going to be a more mature show than ATLA was, and I was excited. However, I wasn’t sure what they meant by mature, so I had a few negative thoughts about that at first, but they all disappeared when I saw the premiere. My negativity could not have been more wrong! Book 1 did not disappoint me in any way. Every aspect was perfectly executed, including the character introduction and development, the humor, the romance, the originality of the fight scenes, and that pure, unadulterated sense of epicosity that pervaded ATLA. The only, ONLY thing I could say bad about the show was that a few things were left unanswered at the end, however that is to be expected for a season finale and hopefully those questions will be answered in book 2. Those unanswered questions did not take away anything important from the season though and overall I would give it 5 purple pentapi out of 5, perfect score! Now, the main difference between ATLA and LOK that I found most obvious was the bending. In ATLA it was much bigger and grander, but LOK took a different approach and made each attack much more small, accurate, and precise. The same goes for them as shows. In ATLA, they traveled constantly, making everything more grand and huge, but in LOK they kept everything in Republic City, showcasing how varied in look and effect the different settings can be. Other than that, the two shows took pretty much the same approach to everything. One exception is the romance. In ATLA, nothing was definite until the end, but in LOK, everyone was closer together and everything happened much quicker. I was certainly satisfied. The twists, turns, ins, and outs of all the relationships, most notably Mako, Asami, and Korra were very well done and gratifying. Lastly, the season finale left all fans screaming for more. My hopes for book 2 include an original story, grander settings and battles, and as I said before, resolutions to some unanswered questions from book 1. Thankfully, I expect all of that for two reasons. One, the creators already promised most of these things to us. And two, because they have never failed me before. Countless times I have thought about how awesome Mike and Bryan are, but honestly I can’t fathom it. Thanks to them for creating this show and thanks to whoever reads this for taking the time to hear my opinion! Ricardo (Moderator) The Legend of Korra’s initial announcement didn’t excite me as much as the announcement of a total of 52 episodes. I had been preoccupied, travelling around like nomads. The Avatar universe started off as a small bud for me, I knew about it, but wasn’t enthralled into it. That is, until the bud grew into a vine after time, and by the time The Legend of Korra was released, it had completely enveloped me. I try to by happy throughout life, so I didn’t set unusually high expectations, otherwise it may result in disappointment. But I did have two main expectations: that I enjoy the show, and that there will be more to come. I keep telling my friends, that Avatar has been more successful than any other show on Nickelodeon, and that there will definitely be more to come. Both have proven to be true. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, albeit with mild transitions in between, and The Legend of Korra now has 4 books. However, I was slightly incredulous as to how they would incorporate vehicles and other modern technology. Looking back, I feel that I was just stubborn and disliked change, for I loved Avatar as it is and doubted that I would be able to like it any other way. On that count, I was proved wrong. Book 1, I think, was very well done. Few other creators can match the talent of Mike and Bryan, for they have introduced all the characters and showed their personality brilliantly. They started the show with some nostalgia and a nicely done transition to a teenage Korra. Modern technology was then slammed in our face as Korra reached Republic City, and I must say the artists have really raised their game. I was very impressed by the way they incorporated modern technology, using it as both an asset, and a liability. Not only did the artists do a great job, but the music was as good as ever. Without The Track Team’s soundtrack, one wouldn’t be able to fully grasp the emotions in a scene, from the fight on the Pro-bending stadium roof to Air Temple Island where Lin lost her bending. The Track Team definitely deserves to be mentioned, and I do hope that an official soundtrack is released soon; judging by the current success, this seems quite likely. Book 1’s finale was also very cunningly devised. I’ve always wondered how they’d do the battle between Korra and Amon – Avatar and Master Chi-blocker – the final showdown. They then surprise us by putting in a twist at the end, completely avoiding the hand-to-hand combat we expected, and it just became Amon completely dominating using psychic-bloodbending. Although I would have preferred a fight, as there were very few decent ones in The Legend of Korra, the finale itself was still very decent (and had airbending and the Avatar State too, who can complain about that?). There were many goofs throughout the book, but that is only to be expected as they completed it in a very quick speed. In fact, they hadn’t finished the finale when The Legend of Korra first aired. Shows how much the production team really cares about their fans. If I had to name some disappointments, I’d say that Korra didn’t actually ’learn’ airbending. It was more or less forced into her when she was desperate. Then again, Aang never went through the entire process of learning earthbending either. ATLA and ALOK, although in very different times, are still very similar. The protagonist’s adversaries have adapted, society has adapted, and I like how they showed Korra adapting as well. Romanticism was also portrayed, but slightly differently. They were paced at different speeds, but I’ve never been one to have an opinion on these kinds of things. I go with the flow, and take it as it comes, so I found them overall quite amusing. Mike and Bryan threw in snippets of ATLA into The Legend of Korra in many crafty ways. Korra’s spiritual flashback still advanced the story further, quite ironic. Managing to use flashbacks to progress the story is something that they have utilised many times in ATLA as well. The cabbage merchant and Ursa were also brought back in a way, teasing us with Jinora’s comment, and Cabbage Corp. actually played a minor role in the story. Book 2, in my opinion, will actually be less tormenting to wait for than book 1. For there will be many other things in between to pass the time, like the upcoming The Promise Part 3. Then there’s The Search, although no release date is yet known, it’ll most likely be released before book 2. I’m not hoping for any particular thing in book 2. But judging by the information given to use at the San Diego Comic Con, I feel it’s safe to say that book 2 will be just as epic as book 1… …And book 1 was pure epicness.   Haikai 1. I was afraid of what the technology jump would do to the show and how that would affect things. Also I was very concerned with Korra already mastering her bending and what the show would even be about. And lastly I was afraid that the arena was going to turn the show in the wrong direction. 2. Thankfully everything bad i was anticipating proved to work out very well. The frist season was great. The show turned out better than I could have imagined and I actually like The Legend of Korra more than The Last Airbender now. 3. The only thing in comparison of TLOK and ATLA i really noticed and like are the number of episodes. TLOK was short :( but was very movie like. While ATLA was much longer :) but wasn’t really like a movie at all. 4. I have high expectations for book two. I think book 1 really outdid itself and book 2 needs to be equally as good. Specifically what I’m looking foward to are the new characters we’ll see and of course more of Korra :D And I’m sure the concerns of Bolin developing as a character and Asami finding true love will be taken care of. Admin/Jordash (Site Creator/Administrator/Popular Post Writer) My expectations for Book 1 of Korra were for it to have the same quality level of animation, music, and storytelling quality compared to ATLA though in a completely new and different world.  I also wanted the excellent balance of comedy, action, and romance. Quality wise I think the first season of Korra was excellent, music and audio was great, animation was superb, voice acting and storytelling was well thought out.  Though compared to ATLA it seemed a bit rushed.  I think Bolin was really funny, not as funny as Sokka but still up there, I think in future seasons the comedy aspect of the series will really start to flesh out. I'm looking forward to much deeper character development in Season 2 of Korra, a lot of groundwork has already been laid for the characters different personalities and it will be interesting to see how they respond to different challenges in life. Our Communities Thoughts So there you have it, the last of our 3 Book 1 Air Site events. Some great thoughts from our community, the big thing for me that seemed to run through all of the opinions was just that Korra managed to live up to ATLA, not necessarily better or worse than ATLA, but no one seemed to think it was a drop in quality. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and are just excited to see where the show goes after an extremely promising opening Book. I will be requesting Opinions for Community Opinion 14 at the start of August so keep an eye out on the forums for when the request goes out.