Airspeed Prime here again to give you a comic news update. So as you may have seen after reading my review that The Promise Part 1 is out right now in comic stores, Amazon I believe are shipping it out now or very soon so people will get it on or before the Book release date of February 7th.


But enough of an Introduction you came here because of the title and new news. So to begin Gene Yang, the Writer of The Promise has done two recent interviews and these even more so than previous ones reveal some interesting stuff about Part 2 and 3, but nothing too specific. The first Interview was with fellow Avatar Fansite, Avatar Spirit. Then following this was an interview with Comic Book Resources

Alot of the questions cover stuff he has talked about in interviews before so for this post I will just bullet point out the really interesting points.

Interesting Points from the two interviews

Avatar Spirit

  • Iroh and his relationship with Zuko will come up in future parts
  • Zuko being related to Roku, mainly Roku finding this out will also come up in a future part
  • We will see more of Suki, especially in Part 3
  • What Ursa's absence means is more important than What actually happened, from Mike and Bryan. This along with a recent interview Mike and Bryan had suggests that Ursa will not be resolved in The Promise, but it does also suggest that there is something else coming that we will find out about her in.
  • Gene Yang really likes Sneers, he is trying to include him to get out more of his character
  • Azula does make an appearance in these comics, he also confirmed that as we knew Azula is in an Asylum
  • New Flying Bison and Lemurs as of now are not in the comics
  Comic Book Resources
  • Spoilers for Part 1.................. Zuko fears more what Ozai won't tell him rather than what he will tell him.
  • Part of how Aang gets into the idea of United Republic is with him seeing the world through a more modern lens


So now onto the sketches that were released by Dark Horse Comics on Facebook.

dh sketch aang

dh sketch aang2

dh sketch Katara

dh sketch Sokka

dh sketch toph

dh sketch Zuko

So there are the sketches that Dark Horse posted on Facebook, personally I love seeing this sort of thing and it is amazing to see the behind the scenes stuff. Team Gurihiru's art is just stunning even the line art and it is cool to see all the little notes that go into perfecting every character.

EDIT 28th January

Gurihiru on their blog shared these start to finish pictures of 4 pages

 Gurihiru 1

Gurihiru 2

Gurihiru 3

gurihiru 4

Also keep an eye on Dark Horses Website, Facebook and Twitter as they are really promoting Avatar well with loads of competitions and info. Like this awesome Computer Wallpaper

Oh and please if you can pick up The Promise Part 1 and support Avatar comics, if these do well it will mean a better chance for future Avatar comics. Here is a comic store locator to help you find your local store .