Hello Avatar Fans, Airspeed Prime here to start up a new monthly feature to this Site, Community Opinion. Every month there will be one of these posts, each on a different Avatar Topic, In these posts Myself, our Site Admin(Admin/Jordash) and about 8 Active members will give our opinions on the topic. This is to inspire discussion and get a general overall opinion on Topics from the Avatar Fanbase. Now on to the First Topic. Avatar The Legend Of Korra, a year away, What we know and expectations. [caption id="attachment_1708" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The First image we have gotten from Avatar The Legend Of Korra."]Avatar The Legend of Korra HD Photo[/caption] This topic is to get the communities opinion on the upcoming new series of Avatar. What we think about the information we have so far and what we expect from the final product. Here are the opinions from our Community. Airspeed Prime(Moderator/Popular Post Writer) When I first Heard Rumors of new Avatar I was extremely excited,Why ? because Avatar The Last Airbender is my favorite show ever possibly THE best show ever, about a month later Nick announced Avatar The Legend Of Korra. Once I got over the Shock that all the characters we grew to love from Avatar The Last Airbender would not play any significant roles(Probably only in flashbacks), I was even more excited as we get to see the life of another Avatar, But not just any Avatar the one After Aang. We will see if his influence on the World remained and the creators(Mike and Bryan) have hinted we will see flashbacks or links to Team Avatar's lives after the end of the series, what many fans have always wanted to know. Now on to the information, " it will be a 12 episode Mini series(planned so far), at first I was wondering "Why only 12 episodes when the first series was so popular and well received ?", while I still sort of think this I believe that the crew working on Korra can deliver to us an Amazing Mini series, That said they have quite a task to accomplish: Introduce us to all new characters, develop romances, some information on the ATLA gaang and give us an interesting Plot. I have full faith that every Avatar fan will be happy with what we eventually get. Other things that stood out to me were: Aang and Katara's son Tenzin is going to teach Korra Airbending because KATAANG has produced a cloud baby and kept the Air Nomads alive, the return of many who worked on Avatar The Last Airbender (Sifu Kisu,The Track Team, JM animation etc) and The basic plot we have got is really intriguing because I really want to know why the non-benders are rebelling against the Benders. I am very interested to see what all the new supporting characters are like since Avatar The Last Airbender had such brilliant ones. We are about a year away from the premiere of Avatar The Legend Of Korra, but already the amount of excitement surrounding it even from casual fans of the show is tremendous. I am looking forward to discussing the build up to Korra almost as much as The show itself(Almost). I really hope that their is a constant stream of information as we have had so far, even if it is only small things as it is keeping everyone super excited for the show. In conclusion, I am confident that the show will be brilliant even if it is only 12 episodes as from everything I have seen so far suggests a superb series. I just can't wait until fall 2011. Christopher(Moderator) I have to say, I am already quite excited to be watching Korra on my television set a year from now. And although the original Team Avatar is gone, the team behind the scenes of the original series will remain. So we can expect the same great quality of the series prior, right? In my opinion: YES! Avatar: The Legend of Korra already promises us the same fun and adventure from The Last Airbender. This time around, we will have a new story, and new characters to follow. We are also promised ties to the original series, yet not The Last Airbender all over again. Even though the Avatar world has changed, I expect Avatar: The Legend of Korra to be just as amazing as Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko's first creation. I cannot wait! Coyote01 Well it sounds pretty solid. So, so far, I have good expectations on the Legend of Korra. I like how they are going to make it even more realistic on the conflicts of benders and the anti-bendersbecause that's somethin fairly new that wasn't in ATLA much. I also like how they are mixing it up with the main character being female and in a new kind of plot that is a bit more mature and not so black and white. It will be interesting to see how they go about this new Avatar's attitude in relation to her environment and friends and enemies she meetsI'm sure there will be plenty of surprises in store for us. Zoeeeee I think Avatar The Legend of Korra will be five stars out of five. Why? Well are my top 5 reasons why 1. Finally us females get to watch a t.v show that's leading role is a female! 2. We get to watch a girl kick butt! Even Male butt! 3. We can watch Tenzin (Aang & Katara's child) and Katara. Well, Katara will dead by then. Oh well! She'll probably be refered to though. 4. We get to see the people who will teach Korra her elements. Finally! All you guys have been waiting for my 5th reason. Here it is: 5. We get to see how the ATLA world has developed over a supposedley "70 years." We get to meet new people, new places You get the point, right? ETC. Those are my thoughts on Avatar The Legend of Korra. <P.S- Airspeed Prime told me not to just say "OMG IT'S AWESOME" but I can't help myself! OMG IT'S AWESOME!!!!!" :) !!!! [I had a feeling Zoeeeee would do this] Toph Bei Fong My opinion on Legends of Korra is that some people will have some trouble watching this, the reason why I say this is because Avatar fans are going to miss watching Avatar:TLA. But I think Mike and Bryan will redeem themselves by getting that fanbase back and hopefully bring in some new ones. I think the setting and what has been shown so far is overall my favorite, they are bringing some of the original actors back, for example Dante Basco and I hope they bring back more, and show some more teasers, I think that will please everyone. Overall I think its going to look great, just wish it was sooner. Kelly Avatar the Legend of Korra was announced on July 22 and caused a stir of excitment for many Avatar Fans. Even with so little information and its long awaiting release, Korra has become very popular among fans of all kind. Personally I think the show will go very well, considering it's by Mike and Bryan and that they are writing all the episodes. This may lead to a dialogue that stays consistent and similar, which i think is good so the show stays on track. I also think it's good that the show has one main setting, Republic city. It may not be like the original show we all know and love, but its only a mini-series so far and this is good for it. To me the City seems to be very mixed in culture and more steampunk type technology, which could make the story appear dark. They had said the show will have a darker tone to it and this could be why When It comes to characters I'm personaly excited that Korra, the new avatar, is a female. Not because I am one, but that the creators acknowledge the strong female characters as well a male, including katara, Toph and plenty others. Although I think this may lead to a more female audience, hopefully the guys will think its cool too. Korra seems like a great avatar, already mastering 3 elements by the age range of 16-19 about. Also I'm intested to see more news on Tenzin, Meelo, and the possible character Wei Bei because you cant have a good show without really supportive minor characters. It builds up the realism and makes it more appealing. The fighting style seems cool, with the info we have from the line test of Korra fighting. It looks very creative, very strong, and appealing to watch. It seems as if the show will also acknowledge regular fighting styles other than bending itself, for the bending revolt may cause an upstir and have fights with non-benders. To sum up I have high hopes and expectations for this show to go very well and be very appealing. Since its not coming out until next year they should have some time to perfect mistakes and to work hard on it. I'm not a animator though so i wouldnt know how long it really takes to do this. Still I can't wait and I am happy to see that the A:TLA series will live on! Donna Avatar the Legend of Korra - I'm really exited but also nervous about seeing ATLK - we know it will NOT be ATLA and we know that it's a completely new cast one of my concerns is how fans will react to the huge changes that the crew have done, will fans be open minded enough to appreciate the new direction that the ATLA franchise crew are taking or will it be an uproar of negativity like the TLA movie created? Will fans be able to keep their expectations from blocking the opportunities that the Korra storyline/experience can take us too? What do I expect from ATLK - perhaps the emotions and experiences that I got from ATLA or similar or even better though not sure how it could be any better, but one never knows! I love plot twists and character developments on all levels, not just the main players but some of the lesser characters too. Amazing scenery, sound and background music, and all the other yummy things that make up the ATLA/ATLAK world and keen to know how different the Steampunk hinted world will dominate this if at all. Thoughts of the Northern Air Temple episode offered us a glimpse of this perhaps? We are getting little snippets of info on Korra and her world and with endless storylines to go from or work with it creates for me a more intense wanting to have it now rather than waiting a year But know that if it takes longer then it will be worth the wait! (Airspeed Prime) might Private Message you asking for your Opinion for the next Post. I will be sending out the PM's" asking for Opinions" around the 10th of December so keep a look out. Jordan (Site Administrator) ATLA is really the only TV Show i've ever watched from beginning to end, every other show I just lost interest after 2-3 episodes."  So the main reason I'm excited for Korra is that more or less the same team that created ATLA is back in action with something new, fresh, exciting, and it's a story from the Avatar world!"  I was worried there would never ever be a show of similar quality to ATLA, but now with ATLK there is hope for an amazing show on the horizon. I can't wait to see what the creative team behind ATLA comes up with next, suffice to say, if ATLK is half as enjoyable as ATLA it will be very worthwhile."  It'll probably be hard for them working in the shadow of ATLA which was such a great accomplishment, with ATLA Mike, Bryan, and the rest of the team we're on a mission to prove something."  When I interviewed Jeremy Zuckerman (composer) he mentioned they were being "thrown into the fire" so to speak."  With ATLK they've already proven their amazing talent, now it's up to them to do it again and hopefully make something as good or even better. So to sum up, anticipation for ATLK for me is huge, it's going to be way exciting to see the Avatar world at a different point in the timeline.
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