Iroh from Avatar is a former Fire Nation General and Crown Prince of The Fire Nation as well as a leading member of The Order Of The White Lotus, he is in his(approximation) sixties-seventies. Unlike most people from The Fire Nation Iroh is very Easy Going and a deeply Spiritual man, he also believes strongly in destiny and being able to make your own Destiny.He is also a Master Firebender and has an Incredible passion for Tea.In this article you will learn more about Iroh from Avatar. [caption id="attachment_3005" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="Iroh is an elderly Firebending master, he accompanies Zuko on his journey to capture the Avatar, Iroh only wants to help his nephew find his way and mentor him."]Iroh[/caption] Iroh is one of the most wise people in the world of Avatar, often people ask him for advice. He is very nice to everyone and doesn't really take sides never(except one time) ever attacking Aang and his friends to help Zuko. But he does have a dark past, he used to be a leading general in The Fire Nation Army ,even laying siege to Ba Sing Se for 600 days, joking that he hopes his family gets to see the city if he doesn't burn it down first. He was also rumored to have slain the last Dragon(we find out later that he said this to protect the last Dragons) and was given the Title "The Dragon Of The West". The death of his Son, Lu Ten had a deep impact on Iroh's life, Changing him completely. He was extremely upset at the death of his son, so much so that he did not protest that Ozai was made Fire Lord after his father, Azulon's mysterious death, he becomes a more Spiritual and easy-going man then. He no longer cared about power, and believes in the balance of the elements. He also grew attached to his young nephew, Zuko who in a way filled in the void left by Lu ten, he became a mentor to his nephew and more of a father figure to him than his own father. It was Iroh's pull in The Fire Nation Army that got Zuko a Crew and Ship after his banishment to find The Avatar, Iroh accompanies Zuko in order to help him find his Destiny and teach him Firebending. Note: If you have not seen every episode there will be spoilers Iroh's Early Life And Life Before The Start Of The Series [caption id="attachment_3045" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh enjoys a moment playing with his Son, Lu Ten"]Iroh and Lu Ten[/caption] Iroh was the first born child of Fire Lord Azulon and Fire Lady ILah and was therefore the Crown Prince of The Fire Nation. A few years later his Brother Ozai was born. He had one Son, Lu Ten with his Wife who has never been named and is assumed to have died soon after Lu Ten's birth. [caption id="attachment_3046" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh at the Siege of Ba Sing Se"]Iroh at the Siege of Ba Sing Se[/caption] Iroh grew to become a legendary Fire Nation General, he did this because of a vision he had that showed him his destiny, to take over Ba Sing Se. He was Given the Title "The Dragon of the West" after he Claimed to have Killed the Last Dragon, but in truth he actually just made up this story to preserve the near Extinct species, he was Judged by the Last two Dragons, Ran and Shao and was shown the true way of Firebending. Iroh acting on his vision laid Siege to Ba Sing Se for 600 days, and managed to be the most successful, managing to break through the outer Walls, but the Siege came to a sudden halt when Iroh learned about the death of his son Lu Ten on the front lines. Iroh immensely Grief stricken abandoned the Siege and the Fire Nation were soon repelled, the Death of his son had a profound effect on Iroh's life and his abandonment of the siege was a huge source of dishonor for Iroh. (The next few lines are presumed to have happened, this might not be exactly what happened, Based on Known facts) Some stage after the Death of Lu Ten Iroh Entered the Spirit World, which seemed to bring him to peace with his Son's death and made Iroh a more Spiritual man, and made him see the error of his ways as a general. He from then on always believed in the balance of the Four Elements and Nations, and proceeded to learn what he could of the other 3 Nations. (Known facts) As Iroh, still grieving returned home after the failed Siege, his father Fire Lord Azulon died under suspicious circumstances and His Brother Ozai was appointed the new Fire Lord, also under suspicious circumstances. Iroh still sad did not protest Ozai's appointment despite himself being the Crown Prince. Iroh later retired from the Fire Nation army a well liked and respected General. (Based off facts, some may be not exactly correct) [caption id="attachment_3047" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh can't watch as his beloved nephew is burned by his own father."]Iroh turns away[/caption] With the Death of his own son, Iroh began to grow close to his nephew, The new Crown Prince, Zuko. He eventually grew to think of him as his own Son and care for him as such. One day, Zuko wanted to go into an Important War Meeting, Iroh let his nephew in but warned him not to speak during the meeting, in the meeting Zuko Spoke out of turn, and was correct but had inadvertently showing disrespect to the general, Fire Lord Ozai demanded Zuko fight a Fire Duel, but to Iroh and Zuko's shock he had to fight his Father and not the General. Zuko refused and Iroh looked on in Horror as Ozai burned his sons face leaving him scarred for life, he was then stripped of his birthright and banished until he could capture the Avatar and bring him/her to Ozai. Iroh decided to accompany his beloved nephew on his journey so he could mentor him in Firebending and also help him find his true Destiny and not this one that Ozai had decided for him. Iroh being such a respected general managed to get Zuko a small ship and Crew. Their first stops were to head to the Four(desolate) " Air Temples, at the western Air Temple Iroh asks Zuko to rest so his Wound can heal, Zuko, Changed since his banishment is now Angry and can only think about Locating the Avatar, Iroh is saddened that his nephew has lost his way. Finding The Avatar [caption id="attachment_3080" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh teaches Zuko that Power in Firebending comes from the Breath and not big muscles, in a way showing him that Firebending is life."]Iroh breath[/caption] While searching for the Avatar close to The South Pole, Iroh and Zuko spot a pillar of light Shoot into the Sky in the distance, Zuko thinks his search is over and orders his crew to head for the light. On the ship Iroh is watching Zuko do Firebending drills , he tells his nephew that Firebending power comes from the breath not muscles and demands Zuko do the drill again, Zuko becomes impatient and wants to learn more advanced moves so he can stand a chance against the Avatar, Iroh reluctantly agrees. [caption id="attachment_3081" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Zuko and Iroh combine their Firebending in an attempt to stop Aang and friends from escaping."]Combined blast[/caption] Zuko and Iroh spot a Fire Nation flare go off and close in on the Avatar, Zuko prepares for battle. He later returns with the Avatar but he is just a twelve year old kid who only knows Airbending, he attempts to escape but is grabbed by Zuko. Zuko and Aang fight, Zuko takes the advantage with a more aggressive style. Katara and Sokka arrive on Appa as Aang is hit and falls into the water. Suddenly Aang rises out of the water, eyes glowing and powerfully waterbending, he knocks Zuko off the ship and escapes on Appa. Iroh wakes up to the sight of Aang fleeing on Appa, Zuko demands they shoot them down and he and Iroh combine their powers to unleash a huge fire blast, but Aang deflects it into an Ice cliff damaging the ship. Zuko is furious that the Avatar has escaped but Iroh is happy to see that the Avatar is just a child. Meeting Zhao [caption id="attachment_3084" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh and Zuko share a drink with Commander Zhao, Zuko immediately dislikes Zhao"]Tea Time[/caption] Iroh and Zuko arrive at a Fire Nation port to repair their ship, Zuko tells Iroh not to mention the Avatar. Captain Zhao arrives and tells them of his promotion to Commander and asks how their ship was so badly damaged, Iroh and Zuko lie and say it was an Earth Kingdom ship accident. Zhao is suspicious and invites them for a drink, Zuko not liking Zhao rudely refuses but Iroh says Zuko needs to show Zhao some respect and agrees. While they drink Zhao asks Zuko about his hunt for the Avatar, Zuko lies saying he has found nothing and Iroh backs him up, just then one of Zhao's men comes in informing him that they interrogated Zuko's crew and they told them about letting the Avatar escape. Zhao is furious that they let him escape, he informs Zuko that he will be taking over the hunt for the Avatar, Zuko in a rage goes for Zhao but is held back, Zhao orders them to be kept where they are. As Zhao is about to leave to search for the Avatar Zuko runs out and tells Zhao that he will capture him first, Zhao insults Zuko by telling him that if his father really loved him he would let him come home Avatar or not and that he thinks of him as a failure, Zuko infuriated challenges Zhao to an Agni Kai at sunset, Iroh asks Zuko to think about what happened at his last Agni Kai, Zuko says he does but still goes through with the fight. [caption id="attachment_3085" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh leaps to Zuko's aid when Zhao attacks him from behind after his defeat."]Iroh defends Zuko[/caption] The fight starts with Iroh watching on, Zhao takes the advantage as Zuko focuses on sheer strength for power, Zhao knocks him down as Iroh tells Zuko to remember his basics and "Break his Root" as Zhao approaches to finish Zuko, Zuko gets up suddenly with an amazing feat of agility knocking Zhao off balance, he then presses with many low blasts eventually knocking Zhao over, Zuko now stands over Zhao going to finish him, but spares Zhao. Zuko walks away in victory as Zhao gets up and attacks Zuko from behind, Iroh rushes in and blocks Zhao with ease telling Zhao how even in exile Zuko has more honor than Zhao, Iroh polite as ever thanks Zhao for tea and leaves, proud that his nephew did not give into his anger and finish Zhao. Iroh later informs Zuko that they have no idea where the Avatar is, Zuko is furious with this. Captured [caption id="attachment_3091" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Zuko averts his gaze from Iroh's naked body"]Zuko protects his eyes[/caption] Iroh is relaxing in a pool of water that he has turned into a Jacuzzi, Zuko comes over and demands that Iroh get ready to leave, Iroh not wanting to leave gets up not covering himself, upon seeing such a sight Zuko,Disgusted, leaves Iroh telling him to catch up. Iroh then falls asleep, missing Zuko's deadline. He is awoken by tiny Mouse, suddenly he is ambushed and captured by a group of Earth Kingdom Soldiers. [caption id="attachment_3092" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh notices the Spirit of Aang and Fang fly by"]Iroh sees Fang[/caption] The solider realize that they have a high ranking Fire Nation General and plan to bring him to Ba Sing Se, Iroh ponders his failure at the battle of Ba Sing Se and admits his defeat to the men. On the way Iroh feigns falling asleep in order to leave behind his sandal as a clue for Zuko. Iroh then spots the Spirits of Aang and Fang flying overhead and plans his escape, he asks the men to tighten his chains, and as they go to touch them he heats them up with Firebending burning their hands allowing Iroh to roll away down a hill, his escape attempt fails and his hands are to be crushed as they he is too dangerous. As the Earthbenders lift the rock above Iroh's hands Zuko arrives breaking the rock, Iroh notes Zuko's excellent form and Zuko says he was thought well as they lay waste to the soldiers, Zuko then asks Iroh to put on some clothes ! Blockade [caption id="attachment_3095" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh thinks about Zuko's plan to mislead Zhao. Ultimately it does not work."]Iroh ponders[/caption] Zuko and Iroh aboard their ship follow Aang and friends on Appa, Iroh warns Zuko that they are approaching Fire Nation waters and since he is banished he will be arrested if he continues, Zuko naively says that since he is chasing the Avatar his father will understand, Iroh notes that his brother is not an understanding person. Zuko then begins to fire upon Appa with the ship's catapult just as everyone notices a Massive Fire Nation Blockade ahead, Iroh again warns Zuko to turn back but Zuko speeds up. Iroh notes that Zhao is in command of the blockade as Zhao opens fire with every ship on both Zuko and Appa. Appa makes it through the blockade, but Zuko's ship is hit and is smoking badly, they are about to collide with one of the Blockade ships when Zhao orders it to stop allowing Zuko through. Zuko wonders why Zhao let him through, Iroh says that it is probably because Zhao wants to follow Zuko and find Aang. Zuko then decides to take the smaller ship and use the smoke as cover to go off in the right direction as Iroh uses the main ship to misdirect Zhao. Breaking News- Missing Lotus Tile [caption id="attachment_3096" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh finds his "Lost" White Lotus Tile in his Sleeve, must to the distaste of Zuko"]Iroh Lotus[/caption] Zuko confronts Iroh about why the ship is off course, Iroh reveals that *SHOCK/HORROR* his Lotus Tile is missing*/SHOCK/HORROR* and that he has redirected the ship to the nearest port to get a new one.Zuko is absolutely furious at this and storms off leaving Iroh to note how understanding his nephew is. After a while of searching, Iroh fails to find a Lotus Tile but finds many other bargains including many items for music night on the ship, Iroh seems to be in his element looking for bargains. They go aboard a pirate ship selling curios where Zuko notes that the pirates have seen Aang and friends, he then joins up with the Pirates to get the Avatar and get the pirates the Scroll that Katara stole back. They find Katara practicing Waterbending by the river and capture her, soon Aang and Katara are also captured trying to save her, Aang tells katara that it wasn't her fault and Iroh replies "Yeah, it kind of is". They manage to escape by taking the Pirates Ship, the pirates chase in Zuko's ship. Iroh then finds his White Lotus Tile noting that it was in his sleeve the whole time, Zuko snaps and throws it away. Storm Warning [caption id="attachment_3097" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh redirects Lighning, showing us for the first time the ability he invented himself."]Iroh redirects Lightning[/caption] Iroh uses his amazing wisdom and powers of smell to tell Zuko that there is a big Storm coming, Zuko doesn't believe his uncle as it is a sunny day and says that capturing the Avatar is more important than the crews safety, this angers the crew who are becoming annoyed with Zuko's intense attitude. Zuko and Lieutenant Jee are about to fight when Iroh separates them. Iroh walks in on the crew talking about Zuko and agrees to tell them why Zuko is so Intent on Capturing the Avatar, he tells them of how Zuko stood up for the soldiers but was forced to fight his father and ultimately burned and exiled. The crew now get why Zuko is so intense, Iroh says that the Avarar gives Zuko Hope, suddenly the ship is hit with Lightning and " the helmsman is hanging on for his life. Zuko and Jee save the Helmsman as Iroh uses his Lightning redirection to stop another hit. Zuko spots Aang flying away on Appa as they are in the middle of the storm, but to Iroh's joy he decides to put the crews safety first and Iroh tells them to head for they Eye of the Storm, Zuko apologizes to his Uncle for doubting him and his behavior. Worry [caption id="attachment_3101" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh grows more concerned with his nephews obsession with capturing the Avatar and how Zhao's interference is not helping."]Iroh concerned[/caption] The now Admiral Zhao boards Zuko's ship telling them that any information regarding the Avatar must be given to Zhao and that Zuko is not allowed in or out of the Area, Zuko storms off and Iroh follows.he finds Zuko sulking in his room because Zhao has so much more resources and power to capture the Avatar and feels his honor and throne slipping away, Iroh attempts to cheer up his downbeat Nephew by telling him he can still capture Aang first, Zuko is still disheartened. Iroh later notices that Zuko is missing. When he returns Iroh inquires to his whereabouts, Zuko just says he is going to bed, Iroh worries that his nephew is still having trouble finding his true path. June [caption id="attachment_3102" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh enjoys his time "paralyzed" next to June"]Iroh enjoys his time paralyzed next to June[/caption] Iroh is drinking Tea when he and Zuko are disturbed by a loud noise, it turns out to be a Bounty Hunter, June and her Shirshu, Nyla finding a stowaway aboard Zuko's ship. She damages Zuko's ship and explains that Nyla can track anything by a smell sample, she leaves leaving Zuko very impressed with the shirshu and Iroh Impressed by June ! Zuko then hires June to track the Avatar using Katara's necklace as a smell sample, Iroh offers her weight in gold June agrees if it is Iroh's weight leaving him even more enamored with her. They pass through Makapu village and Aunt Wu begins to flirt with Iroh offering to tell his fortune, he says no thanks noting that for him there is only one surprise left and he doesn't need to know. They find Katara but Aang is not with them, they bring her and Sokka back to the abbey where Aang returns to Save his friends, during the fight Zuko and June are hit with Nyla's paralyzing tongue , Iroh dashes to June's aid, he then feigns paralysis in order to lie down next to June. Team Avatar escape. Assassination Attempt [caption id="attachment_3103" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh sings for Music night on the ship."]Iroh Sings[/caption] Iroh and the crew minus Zuko are having Music Night, Iroh is singing a beautiful rendition of "Four Seasons" when Zhao boards the ship informing Zuko that he has taken control of his crew and asks for Iroh to join him as a general, Iroh refuses as Zuko is furious at Zhao for taking his crew, Zhao spots Zuko's broadswords and begins to realize that Zuko is the Blue Spirit, Zuko lies saying they are just antiques and Iroh says he thinks the Blue Spirit is just a story. [caption id="attachment_3104" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh looks on in shock as Zuko's ship is in flames."]Iroh shocked[/caption] Iroh comes into Zuko's room to tell his that his crew wished him a safe journey, but Zuko is still angry at them being forced to leave. He asks Zuko to go on a walk with him but Zuko stays in his room, Iroh walks off the ship alone as the Ship explodes, Iroh thinks Zuko has been Killed. *Probably happened* Iroh searches the remains and finds Zuko with only minor Injuries and realizes that Zhao is responsible for this. [caption id="attachment_3105" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh tells the undercover Zuko the plan for once they reach the North Pole"]Iroh tells Zuko the Plan[/caption] Iroh goes to see Zhao and accepts his offer to go with him as a General. Later aboard a Ship Iroh approaches a soldier who turns out to be Zuko undercover, he tells him that Zhao doesn't suspect anything and that when they reach the North Pole Zuko will have his chance to capture the Avatar. He wishes Zuko luck and walks away. Battle at The North Pole [caption id="attachment_3108" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh again ask Zuko if he has a Plan"]Iroh and Zuko[/caption] Zhao and Iroh talk about the battle ahead, Admiral Zhao cruelly tells Iroh of how he is about to make history by destroying the Water Tribe, Iroh warns Zhao that history is not always kind to its subjects, to which Zhao brings up Iroh's loss at Ba Sing Se bringing up bad memories for Iroh. Iroh then asks Zuko if he has a plan, Zuko says he is working on it. [caption id="attachment_3109" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh tells Zuko that he considers him his son and hugs him farewell "]Iroh Hugs Zuko[/caption] The attack begins and The Fire Nation are doing lots of damage, but as Night approaches Iroh warns Zhao that Waterbenders draw strength from the Moon and that he should halt the attack until morning, Zhao sinisterly says that he is working on a solution to their problem with the Moon but agrees to halt the attack, Iroh is suspicious of Zhao. Iroh then meets up with Zuko who has decided to go on a solo mission to infiltrate the Northern Water Tribe and capture Aang, he gets his canoe ready as Iroh reveals that he considers Zuko his own son since Lu Ten died, Zuko moved says he will meet him again once he has captured the Avatar. [caption id="attachment_3110" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh tells Zhao not to trifle with the Spirits"]Iroh Spirits[/caption] As the battle rages on with both sides evenly locked in a struggle, Zhao and Iroh are discussing the battle as Hahn appears and attempts to take out Zhao but fails horrifically , Zhao " then reveals his big plan to locate the Moon Spirits Mortal form and that it is his destiny to kill the Moon Spirit, Iroh forcefully tells Zhao not to mess with the Spirits, Zhao with no respect tells Iroh that he has heard the rumors of his trip to the Spirit World and again says he will kill the Moon Spirit. [caption id="attachment_3111" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh lays waste to Zhao's soldiers in an amazing display of Firebending"]Iroh in Action[/caption] Later Iroh confronts Zhao along with Aang and his friends and demands he not harm the Koi fish (The mortal form of the Moon Spirit) saying "Whatever you do to that spirit I'll unleash on you ten-fold!" . Zhao puts it back in the water but then kills it with a fire blast. Iroh uses all his skill and powerfully dispatches Zhao's soldiers, Zhao sees his is no match and escapes. Iroh then turns his attention the the dead Moon Spirit, he notices that Yue has been touched by the Moon Spirit and can give it life again. She decides that it is what must be done and gives her life to the Moon Spirit in the process becoming the new Moon Spirit. [caption id="attachment_3112" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh tells Zuko to rest after his exerts at the North Pole"]Iroh comforts Zuko[/caption] Later on a raft with Zuko, Iroh wonders why Zuko is not desperately trying to find The Avatar, Zuko says he is tired and lies down as Iroh says that "A man needs his rest". Azula [caption id="attachment_3115" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh saves Zuko by redirecting Azula's Lightning blast"]Iroh Lighning[/caption] At a resort , Iroh is awoken by the sound of Thunder and grows concerned at this unusual sound. Azula later comes to see her Uncle and brother, she reveals that Her father now regrets Zuko's banishment and wants him back home, both are suspicious but Zuko is also shocked at this turn of events, Azula then leaves them to deal with the news, Zuko is delighted to be going home but Iroh remains very suspicious telling Zuko that things are not always as they seem in their family. This causes Zuko to snap at Iroh calling him lazy, selfish and jealous of Ozai. Zuko then goes to the port alone but is joined later by Iroh, Zuko is happy that Iroh is coming too. They make it to Azula's ship and she greets them warmly as they climb aboard, just then a guard lets slip that Azula has been lying to them to capture them. Iroh fights with the other soldiers as Zuko goes for Azula, Zuko is no match for Azula and she is about to hit him with Lightning when Iroh grabs Azula's hand and redirects the Lightning away and allows himself and Zuko to escape. [caption id="attachment_3116" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh and Zuko cut off their Top-Knots severing their connection to the Royal Family"]Severence[/caption] They stop at a nearby stream, knowing they are being hunted they cut off their Top-Knots, severing themselves from their family. Making Tea [caption id="attachment_3117" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh wonders if he can make tea from this mysterious Plant. He is Wrong."]iroh tea[/caption] Trying to survive alone, Iroh and Zuko struggle, being royalty for so long. Zuko cannot find any food, but all Iroh cares about is making some Tea. He finds a bush that he thinks is The White Dragon which make great tea but it turns out to be The White Jade which makes him break out in a horrific rash, he then thinks he sees a cure which again may be dangerous, Zuko then takes control and they go off to search for an Earth Kingdom Village for a cure. They find a girl named Song who has a cure for Iroh, Zuko says Iroh is named Mushi and Iroh calls Zuko Junior. They go to leave, Iroh thanks the family for the meal and Zuko decides to steal their Ostrich Horse, Iroh urges Zuko not to do it but he still does it. The Entertainer [caption id="attachment_3120" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh sings with all his might to earn a gold piece."]Iroh singing[/caption] Iroh and Zuko are begging for money on the streets, Zuko really does not like doing it but Iroh is brilliant at it charming people into giving an old man some money, A man approaches them and offers a gold piece for some entertainment, Zuko says they won't do it as Iroh starts to sing "It's A Long Long Way To Ba Sing Se" the man forces Iroh to dance over his sword slashes as Zuko grows ever angry at the man, he gives them the gold piece as Zuko gives the man a harsh stare as he walks away Iroh noting how nice a man he was. Parting [caption id="attachment_3121" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh and Zuko part ways"]Iroh and Zuko part ways[/caption] Iroh notices that Zuko has been stealing good to feed themselves and not make themselves seem so Poor, he tells Zuko "In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength." Zuko takes this the wrong way and decides he must travel alone, Iroh again is saddened that his nephew is struggling to find his way, but hope that in his time alone he can find his true destiny. Iroh secretly shadows Zuko. Reunion [caption id="attachment_3122" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh and Toph share a heart to heart over Tea"]Iroh and Toph[/caption] Iroh continues to follow Zuko, he stops to rest, but as he sits down he is hit in the Tailbone with an Earth pillar. He looks up to find a young Blind Girl in front of him. They both soon realize that they are not enemies and sit down to some tea and begin to talk. Toph says she left her group and Iroh notes that that is similar to what his nephew did, Toph inquires " about his nephew, Iroh says that he is lost and he is trying to find his way in the world, he advises Toph to accept help from those who love her, she leaves telling Iroh to tell his nephew that he needs him too. [caption id="attachment_3123" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh is wounded by Azula, but is reunited with Zuko"]Iroh is hit[/caption] He follows Zuko again to an abandoned village to find him, Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph fighting Azula, he helps them corner Azula, he then notices that Toph has joined the Avatar's group as Azula hits him in the shoulder with a fire blast, Zuko dashes to his aid and roars at the rest to leave. Lightning Training While recovering in bed from his Injury, Iroh dreams of better times with his Son Lu Ten,Playing happily together. The dream then switches to Iroh kneeling over Lu Ten's grave telling his dead son that he will be with him soon, with this Iroh wakes up. [caption id="attachment_3126" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh demonstrates Lightning Generation to Zuko, but Zuko's inner turmoil means he is unable to do it."]Iroh generates Lightning[/caption] Zuko explains that Iroh was injured by Azula's sneak attack and serves him tea, Iroh drinks some and instantly notes it is terrible but tells Zuko it is "Bracing" as he tosses it out the window. Zuko then suggests that Iroh teach him more advanced Firebending moves so he can match Azula the next time they meet, much to Zuko's surprise Iroh agrees. Iroh decides to teach Zuko how to generate Lightning, he explains that it is the Cold Blooded Fire and that it is the Pure Expression of Firebending with no aggression and requires peace of mind, Iroh then easily demonstrates the Technique as Zuko watches on in Awe. " Iroh then explains the theory behind Lightning Generation, he explains that Only a select few Firebenders can separate the Yin and Yang energies and that to create lightning you separate the two and recombine them providing release and guidance to the resulting energy which is Lightning. Zuko attempts the technique, copying all of Iroh's motions exactly but all that happens is an explosion of Fire. After many failed attempts Zuko wonders why it won't work, Iroh sees that Zuko does not have peace of mind and needs to deal with his Inner Turmoil before he can master Lightning, Iroh sees Zuko become disheartened and offers to teach him a Move that even Azula and Ozai don't know, Lightning redirection a technique that Iroh invented. [caption id="attachment_3127" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh teaches Zuko about the Four Nations, and how learning from them will greatly aid him. Lightning Redirection is based of Waterbenders habit or using their opponents force against them"]4 nations[/caption] Iroh teaches Zuko about ll 4 nations and how each is different and how everyone can learn from understanding others, he explains that The Fire Nation symbolizes Power and Desire, The Earth Kingdom symbolizes Endurance and Diversity, The Air Nomads symbolize Freedom from Worldly concerns and The Water Tribes symbolize Love and Community. Zuko notes that this sounds like "Avatar Stuff" Iroh tells him that it is all 4 elements in one person that give the Avatar so much power and that it can be the same for Zuko, also giving us an insight into the change in Iroh from his early life to know and why he does not aid Zuko in battling Aang. " He goes on to say that he developed Lightning Redirection by studying Waterbenders. Iroh teaches Zuko the movements to redirect lightning, In one arm out the other with a very important stop through the Stomach. Zuko thinks he has mastered it and demands Iroh shoot Lightning at him as a test, Iroh shocked refuses realizing that he should have expected this as Zuko walks off to find his own Lightning. The Lotus Opens Wide [caption id="attachment_3134" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh and Zuko escape from The Rough Rhinos, and Iroh has a plan to meet up with The Order Of The White Lotus"]Iroh and Zuko escape[/caption] Zuko and Iroh continue to Travel on the Ostrich Horse , Iroh pretends his injury is acting up so they can rest, Zuko reluctantly agrees. As they stop they are surrounded by Colonel Mongke and His Rough Rhinos, Iroh greets them all in a friendly manner as Mongke tells them that they are here to capture them, Iroh thinking in advance predicts the attack and he and Zuko manage to escape,barely. Zuko wonders if Iroh has ANY old friends who don't want to attack him, this gives Iroh a great idea. [caption id="attachment_3135" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh plays a special game of Pai Sho which Identifies him as a member of The Order Of The White Lotus"]White Lotus[/caption] Iroh and Zuko enter The Misty Palms Oasis but are noticed by Xin Fu and Master Yu, They enter a Bar and Iroh spots someone he may know at the Pai Sho table , he asks to play and sits down, Iroh Places A White Lotus Tile doen to start and after a mysterious back and forth they proceed to have a ritualistic game forming a Lotus the size of the whole board. Xin Fu then goes to capture them but Iroh's new friend creates a diversion and allows them to escape. They escape to a flower shop where the man reveals that Iroh is a Very High Ranking Member of The Order Of The White Lotus, after some more cryptic talk Iroh goes into the back room of the shop to plan his and Zuko's next move. Iroh later comes out and informs Zuko that they will be heading to Ba Sing Se to become refugees, Iroh and Zuko hide in flower pots and escape from the searching Xin Fu and Master Yu. Jet [caption id="attachment_3167" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh and Zuko meet Jet and his freedom fighters aboard a ferry."]Iroh meets Jet[/caption] Zuko and Iroh disguised as Lee and Mushi depart from Full Moon Bay on a ferry as they make their way to Ba Sing Se. Zuko is approached by Jet, Smellerbee and Longshot, they tell him that the captain has lots of food while the passengers eat very little, Jet convinces "Lee" to help him steal some food for the passengers. Iroh doesn't disagree since he is starving. They hand out the food and Zuko and Iroh eat with Jet, Smellerbee and Longshot, Iroh notes how Smellerbee is an unusual name for a boy, this offends Smellerbee since she is a girl. Jet tell them that he is going to Ba Sing Se for a new Start, Iroh says how beautiful the city was when he was there when he was a different man, he then tells Jet but directs his words at Zuko that everyone deserves a second chance. [caption id="attachment_3168" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh looks on in horror as Zuko knock his tea out of his hands."]Iroh's horror[/caption] Iroh and Zuko arrive at the Ba Sing Se Ferries, They go to the Ticket lady who is being her usual strict self, she is about to not stamp their tickets until Iroh begins to flirt with her complimenting her beauty, she is taken aback and immediately lets them through, Zuko disgusted takes his ticket and walks off. Jet comes over to talk to Zuko as Iroh gets some of Ba Sing Se's famous tea, he immediately spits it out complaining about the false advertising of Hottest tea in Ba Sing Se, noting loudly how cold it is. Jet notices Iroh moments later drinking the Same Tea but it is now hot, Jet suspects him and Zuko are Firebenders and Zuko scolds his uncle for firebending his tea and knocks the tea out of his hand, Making Iroh very sad. Iroh and Zuko board the Train into Ba Sing Se but are followed by Jet and his friends. Iroh admires the newborn Baby Hope aboard the Train. Tea House [caption id="attachment_3169" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Jet confronts Zuko and Iroh about them being Firebenders, his pleas fall on deaf ears and he is arrested."]Jet confronts Zuko and Iroh[/caption] Iroh and Zuko soon find jobs serving tea in a tea house, Iroh is in his Element making amazing Tea that doesn't go unnoticed, Attracting many fans of his brews. Iroh and Zuko are working when Jet barges in and accuses them both of being Firebenders, the customers don't believe Jet , he gets angry and draws his swords, the guards go to get up but are stopped when Zuko jumps to his Uncles aid grabbing a Guards Broadswords to duel Jet, The battle is long and even but eventually Jet is taken into custody and Zuko and Iroh remain undercover. The Tale Of Iroh [caption id="attachment_3170" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh tearfully celebrates the Birthday of his late Son, Lu Ten"]Iroh crys for his son[/caption] Iroh and Zuko have settled into life as refugees working in the City, Iroh is out shopping. He buys a picnic basket and he says it is for a special occasion. On his way to his destination he helps many people: He helps the shopkeepers Moon Flower blossom by placing it in partial shade, He then calms down a crying boy by singing "Little Soldier Boy", When a group of kids break a mans window he advises them to own up and restore honor this changes when the man is huge and angry he then advises them to RUN. Iroh escapes down an alley but is now at the knife point of a mugger, Iroh sees his stance and advises him that he has a poor stance that offers little balance,the man doesn't believe him until Iroh easily knocks him over, he corrects his stance but tells him that he does not look like the criminal type. The man reveals he is just confused, over tea Iroh advises the man that he would make a good masseur , the man is delighted telling Iroh that no one has ever believed in him, Iroh again says that help from others can be a great blessing. Iroh then comes to rest on a hill with a large " tree and sets up the picnic, he reveals that today would have been his Son Lu Ten's Birthday, he places a picture of him down by the tree and lights 2 incense sticks and says to his son that he wished that he could have helped his son like he helped all the people today.


This tale was dedicated to Iroh's voice actor Mako Iwamatsu who passed away on July 21st, 2006 , So I Dedicate this Post to Mako too, R.I.P Mako, A true Legend. Lake Laogai [caption id="attachment_3179" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh challenges Zuko to look inside himself and find his True destiny."]Iroh Confronts Zuko[/caption] Iroh's amazing Tea Brews have mad him the most well known and liked tea maker in Ba Sing Se, A rich man offers him his own tea shop in the upper ring of Ba Sing Se, Iroh is delighted that one of his lifelong ambitions is about to come true. Zuko is less happy and leaves to sulk., unknown to Iroh he finds a poster of Appa meaning Aang is in the City. Iroh is thinking of names for the Tea Shop, when Zuko walks in revealing that Aang and friends are in the city, Iroh warns Zuko that chasing the Avatar will put their new lives in the city at Risk, Zuko still wants to get his destiny back, Iroh tells him to think about What his true destiny is. Iroh notices Zuko leave as the Blue Spirit and shadows him. Zuko finds his way into the Dai Li's secret under Lake Laogai Base and eventually confronts Appa, Iroh confronts Zuko. Iroh mad with Zuko asks him what his plan is, how will he hide Appa, and scolds him for not planning ahead like in the North Pole. He emotionally pleads with Zuko to look inside himself and find his own destiny not the one his father has set for him, Zuko confused throws his mask and swords side. [caption id="attachment_3180" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh tells Zuko to let The Blue Spirit go."]Iroh tells Zuko[/caption] Iroh manages to convince Zuko to find his own destiny and Zuko frees Appa rather than capture him. Iroh later tells Zuko to let the Mask and thus the Blue Spirit Go, Zuko drops the mask into the Water as they escape from the fighting back to their home. Metamorphosis [caption id="attachment_3181" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh watches over Zuko as he undergoes a Spiritual Metamorphosis"]Iroh watches over Zuko[/caption] Iroh and Zuko return to their apartment and Iroh assures his nephew that " he made the right decision letting Appa go, Zuko says he doesn't feel right as he collapses, Iroh dashes to help his nephew. Iroh watches Over Zuko as he lays in bed his condition worsening , he has an incredible fever and an unquenchable thirst. Iroh later tells Zuko the cause of his illness, he is undergoing a Spiritual metamorphosis because his decision to let Appa go went completely agains his own self Image and tells him that when it is over he will emerge "The beautiful prince you were always meant to be", Zuko soon wakes up with a scream. A changed Zuko [caption id="attachment_3186" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh and Zuko at the Grand Opening of The Jasmine Dragon, Zuko is much changed for the better"]Iroh and Zuko at the Grand Opening of The Jasmine Dragon[/caption] Iroh is preparing some Jook as Zuko walks in commenting on the smell, to Iroh's surprise Zuko asks to have some and likes it. Iroh notes that Zuko has changed for the better after his fever. Zuko happily says it is a new day and that it is the Opening of Iroh's new tea shop. Later at the Grand opening of The Jasmine Dragon Tea Shop , Iroh and Zuko stand proud as the first customers arrive, Iroh is delighted that he has accomplished his dream and advises Zuko to follow his dreams. They happily begin to serve tea. Soon a messenger arrives with Great news for Iroh and Zuko, they have been invited to serve Tea to the Earth King, Zuko is even more happy now that everything seems to be going great. Zuko's Choice [caption id="attachment_3187" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh shows Azula how he earned his Nickname of "Dragon of The West""]Iroh breathing Fire[/caption] Iroh and Zuko arrive at The Earth King's palace ready to serve him tea, suddenly they are Surrounded by Dai Li agents and Azula walks out revealing this to be a trap, Zuko adopts a fighting stance but Iroh takes control calmly asking Azula if she knows how he got his Nickname "The Dragon Of The West", Azula uninterested doesn't care about an explanation, Iroh says it is more of a demonstration as he sips his tea and begins to breathe Fire allowing himself and Zuko a chance to escape, Iroh escapes and calls for Zuko to do the same but he stubbornly stays behind to challenge Azula and is soon captured. [caption id="attachment_3188" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Gaang's reaction to Iroh"]The Gaangs reaction to Iroh[/caption] Iroh realizes that he needs help and that the only people who can help him are The Avatar and his friends, he rushes to their apartment and is greeted with much shock except for Toph, he tells them that he need their help to free Zuko, Aang agrees since Katara is probably in the same place. Iroh shows then the Dai Li agent he captured and he tells them that they are being held in underground caves. Iroh and Aang follow a cave to reach Katara and Zuko, Aang asks Iroh for advice about having to let someone he loves go to unlock the Avatar State and his choice, Iroh tells Aang he was wise to choose love over power. They soon reach Katara and Zuko. [caption id="attachment_3189" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh is trapped as Zuko must make a very important decision "]Iroh is trapped[/caption] Iroh tells Aang that Zuko is changed and that it is now time for Zuko to choose good, suddenly Iroh is trapped in crystals as Azula and The Dai Li appear, she says she expects the treachery from Iroh but not Zuko, Azula begins to lure Zuko to join her and take over Ba Sing Se and restore his honor and Father's love. Iroh pleads with Zuko not to listen to her as Azula lures Zuko even more to the side of evil, Iroh again asks Zuko to look inside himself and find what he truly wants. Azula leaves Zuko with a massive decision: Good or Evil, Iroh or her. [caption id="attachment_3190" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh covers Katara and Aang's escape but then surrenders."]Iroh defends[/caption] Iroh watches on in horror as Zuko makes the wrong choice and begins to help Azula, then he watches as Azula hits Aang with Lightning. He is saved from the fall by Katara but they are trapped, he leaps to help them powerfully firebending, he tells them to escape, Katara Waterbends them to safety as Iroh surrenders himself, saddened that his nephew has not listened to him and sided with Azula. Iroh is then taken to a Fire Nation Prison. Disappointment [caption id="attachment_3195" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh cries because his beloved Nephew is so lost and confused and because of what he must do to help his nephew, Ignore him for now"]Iroh cries[/caption] Zuko looking for advice and feeling guilty goes to see Iroh in Prison, Iroh just turns his back to Zuko and doesn't speak to him, this causes Zuko to snap and insult Iroh, he then leaves with Iroh saddened even more that Zuko is still failing to find his true Destiny. He is visited again by Zuko who brings him food, he tells him that he believes Aang is still alive and he is confused and need Iroh's advice, Iroh again won't face Zuko or speak to him, in a way punishing Zuko but also making him find his way on his own. Zuko enraged again berates Iroh and storms off this time Leaving a Tearful Iroh alone. A plan [caption id="attachment_3196" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh has bulked up unbeknownst to his guards in preparation for his escape."]Iroh reconditioned[/caption] Iroh knowing that an Solar Eclipse is near prepares for his escape, he has to bulk up and increase his strength so he can break out when no one can Firebend. He knows he must keep his exercise secret and play the role of a starving old man. General Poon gives Iroh his food and watches as a filthy and starving Iroh scrapes the food off the ground and wolfs it down, but when he leaves Iroh calmly eats his food in peace getting out of his prisoner role. Iroh later begins to exercise , doing some textbook bent knee sit ups, he then moves on to more difficult ones like Clapping Push-ups, he hides this from the guards by pretending he has gone slightly crazy and is randomly clapping. After a while he is able to do one handed pull ups and even Crunches while hanging from the ceiling. Still keeping General Poon unaware Iroh has managed to condition his body, now with huge muscles and no more Jolly old man belly. His plan is almost ready to go into action, he just has to wait for teh Eclipse and the right time to finally talk to Zuko. Answers [caption id="attachment_3202" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh finally speaks to Zuko, he tells him that Avatar Roku is his other Great Grandfather and that only he can redeem their Family."]Iroh finally speaks[/caption] Iroh manages to get a note to Zuko, that has a secret message if placed over light. It tells Zuko to find out about his Great Grandfathers Death to help him find his own destiny. After finding nothing helpful from reading about Fire Lord Sozin's death he rushes to Irohs cell to find out what was meant, Iroh reveals much to Zuko's shock that he was referring not to Zuko's Father's Grandfather, Sozin but to his Mother's Grandfather Avatar Roku, Iroh further explains that this is the reason for Zuko's Inner Conflict on whether to help or capture the Avatar, he descends from An Avatar and The person who started the hunt for The Avatar. Iroh then gives Zuko the Crown Prince's ornamental hairpiece and tells him that only he (Zuko) can redeem their Family and The Fire Nation and restore balance to the world. Only Zuko can end the Conflict that Started between his two Great Grandfathers. The Escape [caption id="attachment_3203" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh tells Ming not to be around later so she is not hurt during his escape"]Iroh and Ming[/caption] General Poon again taunts Iroh, but another of his guards Ming is very kind to him and brings him Tea and nicer food, Iroh thanks her for her generosity. Later she brings him extra rice and tells her how her small gestures have made his time in prison bearable. He mysteriously tells her that she looks ill and should go home, she says she is fine but Iroh states that it WOULD BE better if she was not around later, she understands. During the Eclipse Iroh escapes using his new strength to break out of Prison (I presume he bent the bars) while the guards are without their Firebending, he was amazing like a one man army, Leaving General Poon shocked at Iroh's strength and power. He locates the Order Of The White Lotus meeting up with other high ranking members including: Bumi, Jeong Jeong, Pakku and Piandao. Zuko later finds out that Iroh had lied to him about killing the last Dragon, he had actually said that to protect the last two Ran and Shao who had also given him the secret of the true way of firebending. Iroh, Knowing that Sozin's comet is near brings the Order Of The White Lotus to camp near the Outer Walls of Ba Sing Se,in preparation for their battle to recapture it for the Earth Kingdom and finally fulfill what he had thought was his Destiny from his vision long ago, but this time the correct way for good not evil. The Battle for The World [caption id="attachment_3204" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh hugs his nephew as they reunite, Iroh is delighted that Zuko has finally found his own way and by himself"]The Reunion[/caption] Iroh is sleeping in his tent as Zuko, Toph, Sokka, Suki and Katara arrive, Zuko ashamed of his previous actions doesn't want to wake Iroh and waits for him to wake up, Iroh soon wakes up and immediately Zuko begins to pour out his heart and soul to his uncle as he apologizes , Iroh just hugs his nephew Zuko is shocked and expected him to be Angry at him, Iroh tells Zuko he was never angry just sad that Zuko had lost his way so much, but tells him that he has found his way, and by himself. [caption id="attachment_3205" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh plans the coming battle with Team Avatar minus Aang and Momo"]Iroh plans[/caption] Zuko asks Iroh for help defeating Ozai since Aang is missing, Iroh says that he is not sure if he could beat Ozai but even so it would not be the correct way to end the war, and that the only proper way is for Aang to defeat Ozai. Zuko asks if Iroh would become Fire Lord if they win, he says no and tells Zuko that someone that has unquestionable honor must take the throne and that it must be him, Zuko is shocked at this but Iroh assures him and warns him that he will have to face Azula before he claims the throne. He says Zuko can't do it alone so Zuko chooses Katara, Iroh reveals that he and The Order Of The White Lotus will retake Ba Sing Se. Sokka, Toph and Suki decide to take out Ozai's air ships and they all go off in their separate directions but not before Zuko asks what Iroh will do after " the battle, he says he will reopen his Tea shop and play Pai Sho everyday. [caption id="attachment_3206" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh reconquers Ba Sing Se, fulfilling his destiny"]Iroh reconquers Ba Sing Se[/caption] Iroh organizes the White Lotus members as they prepare for the coming battle, The comet is close enough now and all the Firebenders are empowered, Iroh charges up an incredible blast and blows straight through the Walls of Ba Sing Se, they then enter the city and begin to take back the city. The order is retaking the City with ease with each member showing how much of a master of their art they each are, Iroh then burns down the Fire Nation flag that is on The Earth Kingdom Palace signalling that they have taken back the City and " that Iroh has finally fulfilled his destiny of taking Ba Sing Se not for the Fire Nation but taking it back for The Earth Kingdom. After The War [caption id="attachment_3207" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Iroh relaxes in his own tea shop and plays the Tsungi Horn"]Iroh Tsungi Horn[/caption] In Iroh's Tea Shop The Jasmine Dragon, Iroh, Zuko, Mai, Toph, Sokka, Suki, Katara and Aang are all relaxing and drinking tea, Iroh is playing the Tsungi horn Sokka is capturing the moment with one of his "masterpieces" Iroh wonders why Sokka has drawn him still with his big belly noting that he has trimmed down. Iroh is loving it with his dream fulfilled of having his own tea shop and happy that his nephew has finally become Fire Lord and the one Iroh always hoped he would become. Iroh Information and Quotes Name: IrohIroh Picture Race: Fire Nation Age: 60-70 (unknown) Short Descripion: Iroh is a former Crown Prince and general of The Fire Nation, he is a Master Firebender even inventing his own technique, Lightning redirection he is also able to Generate Lightning. He is one of the most wise people in the whole Avatar world and strongly believes in Destiny and The Balance of the Four Nations, he is a great singer and Tsungi hornist , he has a Son who died quite young, since then he had considered Zuko his own son. Primary Tools: Firebending, Wisdom, White Lotus Tile and Humor and sometimes Tea Well Known Iroh Quotes:
  • "In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength."
  • ‎"There is nothing wrong with letting people who love you help you."
  • "Hmm... Delectable tea, or deadly poison?"
  • "This tea is nothing more than hot leave juice!"
  • "That really hurt my Tailbone "
  • Iroh is the only character we see who can both Generate and Redirect Lightning
  • Iroh was voiced by Mako for Book 1 and 2, after the death of Mako (RIP) it was Greg Baldwin who took over the Role of Iroh for Book 3
  • Iroh is one of the only non Spirit or Avatar characters to enter the Spirit World, Others being Sokka, Ummi and all the other villagers Hei Bai captured.
  • Iroh has only attacked members of team Avatar once (The end Of "The Avatar Returns" 102)
  • Iroh was the first person ever to break though the Walls of Ba Sing Se and presumably the Last.
  • He presumably went into the Spirit world to deal with the loss of Lu Ten
  • Iroh has a very confusing past we know many events that happened in his past but not their order
  • Iroh can see Spirits travelling through the Mortal World, this suggests that if you visit the Spirit World you can do this, this would mean that Sokka can see Spirits, this may be true since he saw Yue.
  • Iroh is a Grand Master in The Order Of The White Lotus
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