We have just got the Dark Horse solicitations for January 2016 and we have 2 Avatar items on the list. First up is Smoke and Shadow Part 3 which will be released March 30th 2016, not much new to add here except that the description is a little different than we last saw.
Children are disappearing in the Fire Nation capital! Avatar Aang and his friends are doing everything in their power to save them-but will it be enough? And worse, when Azula-the mad sister of Fire Lord Zuko-appears on the scene, Zuko locks down the city to catch her, igniting fear and riots in the streets! Will Zuko follow in his evil father's footsteps in order to save those he holds dear?
Maybe I am misremembering, but I don't remember that bit about Zuko locking down the streets to catch Azula being their when we first got a description. Either way this book will end the Smoke and Shadow series. Part 2 is out in December, so we should be getting preview pages soon. We now have a release date for the Korra statue that was first revealed a while back. We now know that it will be released February 24th 2016.


In addition to the release date we know a few more details about it. It will be 8 1/4 inches tall and made of polyresin. The price will be $79.99. Now that we have a better and more finished look at the statue, I think it looks great, if the finished product paint is anything like the pictures this should be a quality statue. Unfortunately as is the case with most statues, it is very difficult to justify the price for a statue, if this was a highly articulated action figure it would be a different story, but as it is now I just cannot see myself picking this up. With statues I would much prefer they really bring the size down and make them affordable. The Aang figure they are bringing out next may be a different story, as he is my favourite character. Thoughts?