NickandMore once again appear to have some new Korra info. This time they are saying the title of K205 is "Peacekeepers". [caption id="attachment_7985" align="aligncenter" width="539"]Episode Titles Note again like they said before the premiere will be K201 and K202[/caption] I will say it again, NickandMore have been reliable in the past, so it more than likely is true, but do not yet take it as 100% confirmed. We should know by the end of this week if the Book 2 Premiere is indeed 2 episodes. Peacekeepers makes sense as the next episode title after Civil Wars, a war ending with some form of peace agreement or attempt at peace. So right now assuming NickandMore is correct we have the following episode titles K201 - Rebel Spirit K202 - The Southern Lights K203 - Civil Wars Part 1 K204 - Civil Wars Part 2 K205 - Peacekeepers Beginnings Part 1 Beginnings Part 2 These are speculated to be K207 and K208 So we basically know half of the Book's episode titles. Thoughts?