That was quick, only 1 day of a tease. We now have 5 full images and full details about the upcoming Korra Nendoroid figure. Nendo1 First up some quick details - Release date is November 2016 - Figure is around 100mm/10cm tall - Retail price is 4800 Yen (Approx 46 Dollars) - Pre Order from Good Smile Company direct (USA Only) Here are the confirmed accessories - Firebending effect part - Waterbending effect part - Alternate right hand - Alternate left hand - Alternate right leg - Alternate left leg - Base of stand - 2 small stands for effect parts - 1 larger stand for Korra Features -Articulation in some places including the hair Other Pictures Nendo2 Nendo3 Nendo4 Nendo5 My Thoughts The figure looks great, the price for what we seem to be getting not so much. I would much prefer some effect parts for Earth and Air over the extra arms and legs, that or a little Naga or Pabu. It feels a little overpriced just because there are 3 stands. I just hope there are more accessories, as it is now I keep looking looking at the 20 dollar Zwyer Industries Chibi Korra and thinking that is much better value as a similarly sized figure. Thoughts?