Mako in Fire Ferret gear with Bolin and Korra

Mako has a careful and controlled personality, which makes him a great leader of the pro-bending team the Fire Ferrets. He is a fantastic firebender and is well recognized and accomplished in the pro-bending world. Mako has not only used his fire bending as a sport, but also for work and to fight crime. He is well skilled with lightning and has the ability to perform the breath of fire. Mako’s agility and modern fighting style also contribute to his success as a pro-bender, but it is his scarred past and care for his younger brother that truly set him apart and give him a fighting chance.

Mako’s Past

As an eight year old, Mako was forced into a life of responsibility at the murder of his parents by a fire-bending mugger. Determined to survive and protect his younger brother Bolin, an earthbender, Mako did whatever he could for food and shelter. For a while they lived on the streets, and found themselves resorting to bending for protection. At one point Mako came in contact with the Triple Threat Triad, a gang of earthbenders, waterbenders, and firebenders. They took Mako on as an accountant, but soon Mako ended the engagement due to the danger their ambiguous morals created. He forbid Bolin from associating with them ever again in hopes that they would find a better way of life.

The Fire Ferrets

The Fire Ferrets

Bolin, Mako, and Korra waving to the crowd just before they begin a match.

Luckily for Mako and Bolin a former pro-bender named Toza saw them use thier bending talents on the streets and arranged for them to live in the attic of the pro-bending arena. There they could train and start their own team, the Fire Ferrets.

Korra discovered the Fire Ferrets by sneaking away from the air temple to watch a pro-bending match. She first met Bolin, who was immediately friendly, but was ignored by Mako who mistook her for one of Bolin’s fan girls. Even after finding out that she was the Avatar, Mako was distant and uninterested in Korra.

After their teammate Hasook quite the team, the Fire Ferrets were destined to be disqualified unless they took on another player, but Mako refused to let it be Korra. Bolin and Korra disagreed though and Korra joined the team anyway, winning Mako’s respect by winning the match with a knock-out in round three all by herself. Korra stayed on the team and continued to help them make their way to the final match.

Korra and Mako

Korra and Mako brace themselves for an attack on their way to rescue Bolin

Mako and Korra

Though Korra and Mako had a rough start, their friendship eventually began to grow. In the midst of trying to solve money issues, Korra and Mako realize that Bolin has gone missing and have to work together to find him. They discover that he has been taken with the Triple Threats by Amon who is going to demonstrate his ability to take away bending. In their race to save him they make a fantastic team as they battle chi-blockers and the Lieutenant, Amon’s second in command.

Through saving Bolin and their time spent pro-bending, Korra’s feelings begin to grow from just friends to something more. Mako, on the other hand, is oblivious to these feelings and gets swept away by someone else – The beautiful daughter of a wealthy business owner, Asami Sato.


Love Triangles

Asami and Mako

Asami and Mako make a striking couple

Mako finds himself “love-struck” by Asami when he is literally struck by her on her moped as he runs across the street without looking. To make it up to him, Asami takes him on a date to a very fancy restaurant, and despite Mako’s inability to provide his own elaborate attire, she falls for him as well.

Korra finds herself growing jealous of Asami and her involvement in Mako’s life, which includes offering him and Bolin a place to stay as well as having her father sponser the Fire Ferrets, so Korra decides to make her play on Mako’s heart. At one of their final bending matches Korra tells her feelings to Mako who apologizes and says that his are not the same. But after Korra goes on a date with Bolin, an argument with Korra, and a very upsetting match, Mako approaches Korra and admits to feelings for her, but explains that he is confused because he likes Asami as well. To his surprise, Korra cuts him off with a kiss which he actually returns. Unfortunately Bolin witnesses the scene and fleas in tears. This causes Mako to get upset at Korra for instigating the Kiss and he follows after Bolin.

Korra eventually pushes her feelings aside in order for the pursuit of Amon to go on, and Mako and Asami’s relationship continues even through the discovery of the betrayal of Asami’s father to the equalist group. It also appears that Korra and Asami will have some girl bonding time when Asami, Mako, and Bolin move to Air Temple Island.

The New Team Avatar

Asami, Mako, Korra, and Bolin call themselves the new Team Avatar


The New Team Avatar

Mako’s friendship with Korra, care for his brother, and love interest with Asami make it easy for him to feel the connection that Bolin calls “the new Team Avatar”. His bending skills, natural leadership abilities, and determination are sure to make him an astonishing and valuable member.