Edit/ Videos of many of the questions are up online now and a few things have been clarified. -What is reported below about Toph's Husband from people who were there was never said. Mike was unsure how to answer it, but was aware how interested in knowing who it is the fandom is. He joked that it may be the next Zuko's mom to be revealed in a comic 6 years later. So while initial reports hinted at us possibly never finding out, nothing was said either way. So obviously my opinion below is based on the initial reports which are now not accurate. Right now I am fairly neutral on the thing, nothing was said either way, but it was nice to hear the question get a huge pop from the audience, people want Toph's Husband. -Something not mentioned below was Mike being asked if we will see more Gaag flashbacks, he completely avoided the question, but hinted that "Aang is around" so more than likely he means we will get some Spirit Guidance Aang moments with Korra. - Nothing Book 2 related was mentioned, so pretty much everything was about Book 1. All of this info is collated from fan reports from the event


  • According to Mike we may never get it revealed who Toph's husband, Lin's Father is. He doesn't see the need to tell us or know himself.
  • With regards to how Amon took peoples bending away Mike said that he is such a good bloodbender that he can bend the energy/chi in another persons body and block it. I assume this basically means blocking chakras like why Aang could not use the Avatar state for most of Book 3.
  • He was shocked at the amount of hate Mako got from most of the fandom
  • He brought up Ursa with Toph's husband and mentioned needing 1 unanswered question, even if it is not the one we expect.
  • As we knew from before Asami was initially planned to be evil, but as her character developed they decided she would be better off as a good character.
I am not surprised at all that he said nothing about Book 2, but I am glad that we did get some nice info. I do always hate it when creators really go out to make it clear that they are not going to even reveal something, I get somethings don't need to be answered, but why did he feel the need to explain bloodbending taking away bending yet say we won't ever find out who Lin's father is. For me I would get the opposite as a mystique around Amon's ability makes sense, while not knowing who a main character who is beloved by the fandom at large married is baffling to me. Thoughts ?