More comic news. This time we have the reveal of the North and South Library Edition, including the release date and cover. This is of course the collected edition for North and South, this book will include Part 1, 2 and 3 of North and South in addition to creative team annotations and concept art extras. This book will be released October 25th 2017 in comic stores and November 7th 2017 elsewhere according to Here is the cover. NorthAndSouthLibraryEditionI like the cover it is very bright and fits the setting of North and South. It stands out compared to the other Hardcover covers just because of the colours. The only issue would be an ongoing trend of characters appearing on the cover despite not really featuring too much in the book. In this case we have up to Part 2 out and Zuko has yet to arrive in the story, Toph and Aang arrive in Part 2, but their roles are not incredibly important. For me this cover as of Part 2 should be primarily Katara in the front, Sokka, Hakoda, Malina and Gilak in the background. That represents the series more than this, though part 3 could change things. The other issue is that ok, they clearly want to emphasise Team Avatar together for the first time in the South, but what about Suki? She is Zuko's bodyguard so surely she has come with him to the south, even if she was perhaps not initially asked to come by Zuko I am sure she would want to come to see Sokka. Of course we do not know fr sure if Suki is or is not in North and South, but it again comes across as another case of Suki being forgotten as a member of Team Avatar. #WHEREISSUKI What are your thoughts on the North and South Library Edition?