Piandao is a Grand Master in The Order of The White Lotus a peacekeeping organization which doesn't take any nations side and in fact has members of every single nation among it's ranks. Piandao's Childhood The interesting thing about Piandao is he was born into the Firenation without any bending abilities at all, this infuriated and shamed his parents who disowned him and left him at an orphanage."  During his time in the Orphanage Piandao grew a love for the arts particularly Calligraphy (Beautiful or artistic handwriting).

Piandao PNG Image Piandao Pulling out Sword Piandao in the Firenation Army As was the custom of the Firenation during the time, Piandao joined the Firenation army."  He became renowned throughout the army for his Swordsmanship, as time drew on Piandao began to be horrified at the atrocities committed by his own army, he left the Army, vowing never to return."  The Firenation Army sent troops to arrest him for deserting the army, but Piandao defeated every last troop (Bender or otherwise), the Firenation left him alone after that. Piandao decided to settle in the beautiful city of Shu Jing because of it's secluded and breathtaking surroundings.

Piandao Standing on Cliff Piandao escapes to the peace and solitude of Shu Jing Piandao trains Sokka We learn most about Piandao from his training of Sokka,"  Sokka is beginning to feel like a left out member of Aang and crew because of his lack of bending abilities, attempting to comfort him Katara and Aang come to the conclusion that Sokka needs to find a Master to teach him, while in the city of Shu Jing, Sokka learns about the famous Piandao and goes to be taught by him."  At first it seems like Sokka would never have a chance being accepted but instead of acting in his usual Bold and Out-going self he acts humble and when Piandao asks him why he should train him or what skills he has Sokka tells him that he feels like he doesn't have any skills worth mentioning.

Sokka Smiling Sokka trained extensively with Piandao Interestingly enough this humility is exactly what Piandao is looking for in a student, someone who is teachable and doesn't think they already know everything. Piandao begins with an assessment of Sokkas current skills with the sword, which Sokka definitely has some needed practice."  Piandaos' training is certainly interesting, during a particular session Piandao teaches Sokka Calligraphy and tells Sokka:

-Just as you can never remove the stroke of a brush, you can never take back the stroke of a sword." Piandao - Avatar The Last Airbender
This type of thought, of accountability for ones actions is something that the Firenation is in desperate need of. Sokkas other training includes Sparring matches, Regular Exercising, and other"  similar training, including the crafting of swords."  Meanwhile Aang, Katara, and Toph are learning just how valuable Sokka is to the group, he's a leader, he's a planner and organizer, and he's just plain funny and fun to be around. So Sokka finishes his training as well as the construction of his own sword, which is made out of meteorite, and rejoins Aang and the crew at Piandaos house."  Piandao decides that Sokka has learned all he can from him and decides to give him the sword and consider him -trained"."  Sokka however refuses and tells Piandao that he is actually not who he thinks he is, he tells Piandao that he is from the Southern Water Tribe (not the Firenation) and that he has been lying to him."  In mock rage Piandao attacks Sokka and a duel begins.


Sokka learns valuable lessons from Piandao

Piandao notes all of Sokkas clever use of his training, but eventually Piandao is able to defeat him."  Before killing Sokka he stops and informs Sokka that he knows Sokka was from the Water Tribe all along and that he trained Sokka with that knowledge (he also knew Aang was The Avatar),"  Piandao tells him that knowledge of the Arts belongs to everyone, not just the Firenation. As Aang and crew leave, Piandao gives them a White Lotus chip, a tie in to the peacekeeping group he belongs too. Rejoins the White Lotus to end the war The next time we see Piandao isn't until near the end, where he joins the White Lotus to take back the Earth Bending City, Ba Sing Se."  His swordsmanship combined with the other benders is devastating to the occupying Firenation army and they are able to quickly take back the city.

Piandao Regains Ba Sing Se Piandao is on the right as the White Lotus regains the City of Ba Sing Se Conclusion I think the story about Piandao was fantastic, it teaches that even if your different you can still contribute to a group in your own way."  It also shows of the importance of having a mentor,"  and of treating everyone as your equal regardless to race, nation, or ability. Facts about Piandao Piandao was inspired by Sifu Kisu, Avatar The Last Airbenders Martial Arts Fighting Instructor and consultant.

Sifu Kisu

Sifu Kisu is in the middle, he's standing by Avatar Creators

Piandao was born without any bending abilities

Piandao is a member of The White Lotus