PabuCute Friday seems to be when they are putting out new parts so I assume we can expect Part 3 next Friday, but before that we have Part 2 to look at. In this part we see Mako and Bolin collecting bets for Toza's big pro bending match, Bolin does not want Toza to throw the match as he is the best. He then comes across a pet shop owner who plans to feed a Fire Ferret to a snake, Bolin wants to buy him, but Mako refuses as it would just be another mouth to feed. Bolin later saves and names Pabu with the help of Mako as the two rush to see Toza's match. I really enjoyed this part, Bolin really shone this time round with how much he cared for Toza and then Pabu, it really showed how different the brothers are, but in the end how connected they are despite their differences. Toza, while interesting enough in the show had no real character, here we are getting him fleshed out a bit more. It will be interesting to see what happens in Part 3 that made Toza take in Mako and Bolin. Again anyone not in the USA should use a program like tunnelbear to get around the region lock.