I have at last reached my final set of 4 reviews. Of course there is still the Book 3/Series overview post to come, but these are the final ATLA episode reviews I have left to do. I have very much enjoyed writing them and I would like to thank everyone who has read them and commented on them. At the same time I will be glad to finish them off today as writing 3-4 reviews a week is pretty time consuming. One final thing before I get into these 4 reviews. I am of course this sites reviewer and I will continue to review new Avatar content as it comes out, not to mention the reviews I have already done for Korra episodes and comics. I will be reviewing stuff like, Book 2 Spirits of Korra when it comes out, the junior novels of Korra as well as The Search comics and more. Today I will be reviewing: 318 Sozin's Comet Part 1 The Phoenix King, 319 Sozin's Comet Part 2 The Old Masters, 320 Sozin's Comet Part 3 Into The Inferno and 321 Sozin's Comet Part 4 Avatar Aang.

 318 Sozin's Comet Part 1 The Phoenix King

Written By: Mike Directed By: Ethan Spaulding Animated By: JM Animation First Aired: July 19th 2008


Finale Part 1, the perfect way to open the finale. In so many ways this episode is the perfect set up for the remaining parts of the finale, while Part 2 continues the set up, this one focuses almost completely on the task of making this a stunning finale to an amazing show. This episode focuses on Aang and his struggle to kill or not kill Ozai and it works so well to have this explored early on before the big final fight. While yes the individual finale parts function the least as standalone episodes this is still a good episode and as a part one it is near perfect. I will begin with the big plot of this episode, Aang and the question Zuko asked him at the end of 316. I like how Aang had never for 1 second thought that he may have to kill Ozai, he has known since 105 that he would have to confront Ozai, but because of his upbringing and personality, killing Ozai never entered his head. He now has to deal with the confrontation fast approaching and his conflict over what to do. He has been so confident about things since the invasion and now he is on the verge of losing it, and it works. It works so well because if he is forced to kill Ozai then he is going against the teachings of his people and with him being the final Air Nomad it is blown up tenfold. It is the conflict between being the Avatar and being an Air Nomad, he is both so he is expected to both end the threat no matter the cost, but also respect life no matter the cost. His friends try to give him advice, but for Aang he is the one in this position not them and struggles to take it on board, he snaps and leaves. He meditates on this and is soon entranced towards an island that has appeared from nowhere. For me this was a shock to see Aang go missing before the big battle in the finale, but it works so well given what happens in the next episode. Now we all know now that it is a Lion Turtle calling out to Aang, it seems to come from nowhere, but if you watch 210 carefully you can see that this is foreshadowed. A Lion Turtle communing with an Avatar has happened before. Continuing on from Aang going missing, the reaction of the rest of the group to this is great. After searching the whole island to no avail they all turn to Zuko who is used to tracking the Avatar. What I like about this so much is that the group trusts Zuko so much that he is put in charge of Team Avatar for the search. Having that moment of connection, Zuko going from wanting to capture Aang to now wanting to find a friend, that is a nice moment. Zuko is clever in how he plans to find Aang, and in a moment of stunning continuity and reference we return to June just 49 episodes on from her introduction, Nyla is the perfect way to find Aang. I will discuss the beginning of the episode now. The mix up between Zuko and the rest of the group. He thought that Aang was facing Ozai before the comet, while they had decided to face him afterwards. This scene perfectly demonstrated how young Team Avatar is, that they think they will have a chance after the comet, that there will be anything left to save after the comet is used. They are not military officers, they are young kids/teens. Their naiveté coming through. It is left to Zuko to reveal what was talked about at the war meeting he attended. Here we find out what Ozai plans to do with the power of the comet, burn the earth kingdom to the ground and destroy the peoples hope. The idea is Azula's and utterly cruel, Team Avatar are appalled by this and realise how dire the situation is that they are now forced to face Ozai before the comet. This is a great opening to the finale because it is a great way to add pace and drama to the finale, Team Avatar are at a disadvantage and unprepared. At the end of this episode they are all over the place searching for Aang and with no plan of attack. We then switch from our heroes in a bad way to the villains with everything in place. We see Azula is not herself, unusually late to meet with her father and not fully focused. When Ozai tells her that she will not be coming with him to burn the Earth Kingdom she snaps, she feels that her only remaining ally is betraying her as Ty Lee and Mai did. The only way Ozai can calm her down is to make her Fire Lord,  he leaves her in change of the fire nation. This is Ozai's big mistake, he cannot see that giving an emotionally unstable Azula that much power is a very bad idea. In the end Ozai's plan fails because he cares so little for his children, he sees them both as nothing  more than tools, he should have noticed the state Azula was in and he horribly underestimates Zuko to his defeat. He proclaims himself The Phoenix King of the world, after he burns the old world down his new empire will rise out of the ashes. This title in itself is interesting in that we have never seen a phoenix in the Avatar World, makes you wonder are they an actual animal in the world or a myth. Melon Lord is amazing. So amazing that it deserves a paragraph to itself. The scene where Zuko teaches Aang lightning bending was great to see, because it foreshadows what happens to both Aang and Zuko in later episodes. Overall this is a great set-up episode for the rest of the finale, it puts a lot of the pieces in play for the final 2 episodes. It is a bit let down as an individual episode in that a lot of set up also happens in the next episode, but it is not that big of an issue. The characters are great and the emotions are perfect. Favourite Moment/ The scene where Zuko reveals to his friends what Ozai's plan is. Favourite Line/  "Fire Lord Ozai is no more. Just as the World will be reborn in fire, I shall be reborn as the supreme ruler of the World. From this moment on, I will be known as... the "Phoenix King"! " - Ozai

319 Sozin's Comet Part 2 The Old Masters

Written By: Aaron Ehasz Directed By: Giancarlo Volpe Animated By: Moi Animation First Aired: July 19th 2008

Earth 3

Finale Part 2, characters return. For me Part 2 is so good because of the amount of amazing characters who we meet again, from past Avatar's to the OWL members it is amazing continuity. This part does a great job at picking up and expanding upon what Part 1 set up, especially in terms of Aang's conflict. A certain reunion is one of the most moving scenes of the show. This episode works well on it's own also as it has a goal to it. The Old Masters applies to both the Order Of The White Lotus and the past Avatars, both Aang and his friends get advice from these people before the battle. I will begin with one of my favourite Avatar topics, that being Avatars themselves. On this mysterious island Aang has time alone and decides to get advice from his past lives, he wants them to tell him that there is a way to win without killing Ozai and going against his beliefs. Each Avatars advice is unique and filled with their own past experiences. Roku tells of how him showing Sozin mercy caused the war that Aang now has to stop, Aang must be decisive and not make the same mistake he made. With the Promise now in mind, this scene has new meaning, Roku is almost haunted by what his indecision caused and thus gives Aang the advice to do what he did not do, he is unable to  think of a way for Aang to end it without ending Ozai. Kyoshi tells of how she killed Chin the Conqueror, I love how Aang gives Kyoshi an excuse here, he is the one to say she did not kill him. Kyoshi's response is perfect in that she does not care how he died, but that she would have killed him had it not happened as it did. She leaves Aang with the advice that only justice can bring peace.
"Personally, I don't really see the difference, but I assure you I would have done whatever it took to stop Chin" - Kyoshi
Kuruk tells of how when he was young he was not an attentive Avatar and in many ways ignored his duty, he was punished for this by Koh, who stole his wife, Ummi. He tells Aang.
" Aang, you must actively shape your own destiny, and the destiny of the World." - Kuruk
YangChen is by far the most interesting in what she says to Aang. Aang is eager to see what a fellow Air Nomad Avatar has to say. She tells him that it is not about Aang personally, but rather the world. Aang's duty as the Avatar is to the world. She talks about the conflicting roles of Air Nomads and the Avatar. The Air Nomads want to detach themselves from the world, while the role of the Avatar requires an attachment to the world. Her advice is deep and meaningful.
"Here is my wisdom for you, selfless duty calls you to sacrifice your own spiritual needs and do whatever it takes to protect the World." - YangChen
I love this advice as it shows Aang that being the Avatar and the importance of that is more important than personal beliefs. After all the advice Aang sees no other choice than to kill Ozai. Otherwise it would be selfish to put his beliefs ahead of saving the world. He then realises that he island is moving and soon discovers that it is a Lion Turtle. He asks the wise and ancient animal for advice. What he says is amazing.
"The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed. Since beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void,  but always yields to purifying light." - The Lion Turtle
Now the line means very little until we get the energybending reveal, but with this advice and a new ability Aang has a way to stop Ozai without killing him. So I will talk about this line more in depth during my point about energybending. Getting away from Aang we have the rest of Team Avatar searching for Aang. Nyla cannot find Aang because as we find out the Lion Turtle scent is masking Aang's.  Instead Zuko in a mesmerising moment of glorious continuity pulls out Iroh's old sandal, the sandal from 107 !!!! (How on earth did it survive all that Zuko has been through. They arrive at the outer walls of Ba Sing Se and are soon confronted by old people. Yes at long last after lots of speculation we find out who else is in the Order Of The White Lotus: Bumi, Pakku, Piandao, Jeong Jeong and Iroh here at least. I loved the reveal and all made sense as members, but also the fact that Team Avatar had met all of them before and never knew. Out of nowhere we also find out how Bumi escaped and how he took back his city, it was a random, but nice thing to see explained to us. They did not have to explain it, but they did. Which is much appreciated. All of this side of the story builds up to the reunion of Zuko and Iroh. Zuko's behaviour before he sees Iroh is so good, he wonders if his uncle will hate him and not talk to him again, then for Katara to be the one to reassure Zuko it will be ok is excellent development to show that the two are friends now. The scenes in the tent are very emotional, Iroh is asleep at first and Zuko just waits for his uncle to wake up. A moment of sheer respect for his uncle. When Iroh does wake up, Zuko just lets his emotions out apologising to his uncle for everything only for him to be stopped as Iroh hugs his nephew.
" I was never angry with you. I was sad because I was afraid you lost your way" -Iroh
This line is all Iroh ever wanted for Zuko, to find his true path which he has. The emotion from both voice actors as well as the visuals and music make this a real tear-jerker. The final thing to talk about is the battle plan that they come up with. As they talk we have some very interesting moments like when Zuko suggests that Iroh face Ozai with Aang missing, Iroh is wise enough to know that only the Avatar can end the war peacefully. Zuko then asks if Iroh would take the throne after that, Iroh again refuses and in another moving moments tells him that he is the one that should take the throne, shocking Zuko. When Iroh tells Zuko that he has unquestionable honour it is such a great way to show how far Zuko has come. Iroh then discovers his own destiny, his vision where he took Ba Sing Se was not for the Fire Nation, but rather taking it back from the Fire Nation. We then get our final teams and fights told to us. The Order Of The White Lotus will take back Ba Sing Se, Sokka, Toph and Suki will stop Ozai's air fleet, Zuko and Katara will face Azula and Aang will face Ozai. By the end of this episode everything is in place, we know where all of our characters are going and who is fighting who. The only mystery left at this point is what was the meaning behind what the Lion Turtle said to Aang, Aang was happy with the advice, but what was it. That is perfect set up. Overall this episode is amazing, in many ways the 4 part finale is 2 parts. 1 and 2 are set up and 3 and 4 are the pay off. Moments like the Zuko-Iroh reunion and Aang communicating with his past lives make this episode superb as both a part of the finale and an episode on it's own. Favourite Moment/ Aang talking with the previous 4 Avatars Favourite Line/ "Here is my wisdom for you, selfless duty calls you to sacrifice your own spiritual needs and do whatever it takes to protect the World." - YangChen

320 Sozin's Comet Part 3 Into The Inferno

Written By: Mike and Bryan Directed By: Joachim Dos Santos Animated By: JM Animation First Aired: July 19th 2008

Fire 1

Finale Part 3, it all kicks off here. It is in this episode where the action starts, we really begin the countdown to the end of the series here, after so many episodes we are experiencing the final battles, the battles our heroes have been preparing for for the whole series. For me it lives up to the hype and is a great episode. While 321 gets most of the plaudits for being the last episode, 320 has some stunning scenes, Zuko and Azula Agni Kai anyone? I will begin with more on Azula's deteriorating mental state. Already not her usual self, now with the power of being firelord, it has gone to her head and she is losing it big time. She is banishing people left, right and centre, which is where she makes her biggest error, she banishes the Dai Li and pretty much seals her defeat with it. It is a horrible decision that she would have never made had she been herself. Then she banishes Lo (though it was Li she pointed too) further showing her poor mental state. Then we get the nail in the coffin, Azula has hallucinations and sees visions of her mother talking to her. It is here that you start to feel for Azula and pity her, because of the way Ozai raised her she never really grew up as others do, she never really had her mother  after Ozai started to focus on her. We can assume that because of the way the family effectively split in half that Zuko grew up to be fairly normal (in terms of being good, speaking out against the generals and how far he has come here) because he was raised almost exclusively by his mother, while Azula who was raised almost exclusively by her father grew up to be exactly like him, controlling people through fear and unable to deal with that failing. Ursa says as much to her and then that she loves Azula, which causes Azula to snap and shatter the mirror. It is one of the most intensely emotional moments in the show because of how affected Azula is, how off she is. The next thing to discuss is naturally the arrival of Zuko and Katara in the fire nation. Zuko immediately notices that Azula is not quite right and knows he can beat her and so challenges her to an Agni Kai, leaving Katara to watch on. It was an interesting moment in that you get the sense that Zuko does this for 2 reasons, 1/ he wants to beat Azula 1 on 1 and 2/ he does not want to see Katara get hurt. The Agni Kai itself is just gorgeous, the animation is just glorious in the detail and movement of the comet assisted blasts. Brother vs Sister in a duel to the death pretty much, their blocked attacks destroying the city around them, it is a stunning fight as for the first time Zuko has Azula beat, she is overly aggressive and not thinking as much she she usually would. He then taunts Azula so she will use lightning, he prepares himself to redirect it, but Azula fires it at Katara instead. This is another stunning moment, I love the slow motion shot of Zuko diving in front of the lightning as he adjusts his body to redirect it. He redirects most of it, but because of the sudden change he took some of the blast and is injured. The fight ends in this episode as Katara rushes to help Zuko. A perfect point to end the fight, we have seen fire on fire and now we have fire on water, but Azula has to comet to power her, you really fear for Katara and Zuko at this point. Next is the Airship team, they arrive late and only thanks to a desperate move from Toph get aboard a ship. I love the drama here, as Toph is really the only one able to take on the empowered firebenders, Sokka and Suki stand no chance. I love Toph's metalbending suit as they take over the first Airship. This episode does not really have much humour in it and so the one funny moment of Sokka on the intercom is hilarious, it is a great line that works because of how odd it is in an otherwise dramatic episode. Sokka has always got time for hot cakes and sweet cream :). At this point they see that Aang is back and ready to confront Ozai and so they focus on taking out the other airships, it is so dramatic because you wonder how they can possibly pull it off and quickly. There is a moment where Toph looks down at the Earth Kindgom burning and despite her blindness and lack of connection to the ground knows that it is an incredible amount of fire. Sokka's only plan is risky and desperate, I love how dangerous the plan is and how much it puts them at risk, it is the only way they can do it. The plan is clever and a great reference to Sokka's favourite line about Airbending, Airbending Slice. He wants to ram their airship into the others causing a chain reaction. It is so intense as  they prepare to jump to a safer position and then when Suki goes down with a whip leaving Sokka and Toph to continue on it is just drama itself. Even moments like Sokka's eagerness to protect Toph who obviously cannot see well on metal and at all while falling, it shows how close the two are. The Order Of The White Lotus do get relegated to the d plot with the insane amount of action happening, but it is still enthralling. My favourite firebending move of the series happens here, when Iroh in one fire blast takes down the great walls of Ba Sing Se, the same walls that took all of the Dai Li to take down. The just seeing these master benders and fighters in action is a great sight, they may be old, but they are winning and taking back the city. Finally I come to what the series has been building up to since the beginning, Ozai vs Aang. It is the big one, one of the most powerful firebenders in the world empowered by the comet against a young Avatar who has just mastered all 4 elements and is without the Avatar State. What I love about Aang in the opening moments of the fight is how confident he is, the way he expertly destroys Ozai's ship and then how he gives Ozai a chance to stand down and give up, how far Aang has come from 101. The fight itself is amazing and shows bending at it's peak, the way Aang seamlessly uses all 4 elements, flowing one into the other depending on his surroundings really stands out to me in the fight, he has trained for this and it is paying off as the fight is dead even. Even the scenery where the fight happens is gorgeous, the waterfall and lake along with the earth pillars make for one of the best fights I have ever seen in anything. As Ozai gains the advantage he switches to using lightning, Aang prepares himself to redirect it at Ozai and dodges a few blasts as he gets himself into the perfect position to strike back. When he catches the lightning he has to make a choice, hit a wide open Ozai and kill him or don't. I adore this moment, because it gives Aang that moment where he has to make the choice he was struggling with, he chooses not to kill Ozai. This decision gives Ozai the advantage in the fight and he has Aang on complete defence. It is shocking to see Aang just running for his life from Ozai's power, but at the same time you respect Aang's decision to not kill Ozai. The episode ends with Aang in an earth sphere and Ozai hammering it with fire, it is only a matter of time before Ozai breaks through. I think this ending point is great, because you have so many ups and downs in the episode. Zuko was winning and now he is injured, Sokka and Toph are succeeding, but Suki is lost, the OWL are doing well and Aang had a chance to end it, but chose otherwise and is now at risk. Perfect point to end the episode. Favourite Moment/ Aang has his chance to kill Ozai with redirected lightning, but decides not to. Favourite Line/  "Whoa. That's a lot of fire, isn't it?" - Toph

321 Sozin's Comet Part 4 Avatar Aang

Written By: Mike and Bryan Directed By: Joachim Dos Santos Animated By: JM Animation First Aired: July 19th 2008

Kataang Kiss

Finale Part 4, the end. Ending a show that has a lot of episodes is always a very difficult thing to do. Getting the balance right between having a good episode and having a good ending is always crucial, do you add an epilogue or not, if so how long. Will it satisfy the fans is probably the biggest and most important of those questions. In my opinion 321, the final episode of Avatar The Last Airbender succeeds and manages to be an excellent episode while also being a great ending to the series. It has an epilogue and it is done well. When I first watched this episode I was satisfied and even now I still am, maybe even more so. I will begin with where I left off last review. The Aang-Ozai fight. In 320 the fight is a straight up fight, it is not about the issues of either, no Lion Turtle or anything, just a fight and a decision from Aang. Here in 321 the fight deals with many issues and deals with them well. First of all would be Aang and The Avatar State a plot that has been going since 201. Things are going to get quite technical now as the explanation for this plot requires it. Before he hits the rock what is Aang's situation with regards to the Avatar State ? He has unlocked all 7 chakras, but back in 220 as he was about to let the energy flow and master the Avatar State he was hit by Azula and killed, Katara then revived him with the spirit water. His connection to the Avatar Spirit was weakened and in Escape From The Spirit World he spiritually reconnects with it, so the issue he is left with is that physically his body is blocking the Avatar State. As Katata says in 301 he has "twisted up energy" in his back where he was shot by Azula, that energy is blocking the flow of energy through his body, the Avatar state requires the flow of energy. So when Aang's back hits the rock the energy is untwisted and the process that Aang began in 220 resumes and he masters the Avatar State, but because he is in immediate danger from Ozai's attack he enters the defence mechanism Avatar State, but after he breaks out of that he can use it at will because he mastered. *breathes* So I do not in any way consider the rock or what happens with the Avatar State a deus ex machina as it was clearly set up in previous episodes and in canon stories. As for the other issue, The Lion Turtle and his advice, that is also explored well. Again I do not consider The Lion Turtle or Energybending deus ex machinas as The Lion Turtle was foreshadowed in 210 and energybending from what is said to us in this episode is older than the Avatar itself and it is Aang learning an ability that no Avatar has learned in a very long time. Neither thing comes from nowhere, both are deeply entrenched in the mythology of Avatar. The energybending scene is amazing and I love the concept of energybending and how it is explained. The visuals of Ozai and Aang's spirits battling each other, good vs evil, blue vs red/orange is stunning. The narration from The Lion Turtle is equally good.
In the era before the Avatar, we bend not the elements, but the energy within ourselves. To bend another's energy, your own spirit  must be unbendable, or you will be corrupted and destroyed. - Lion Turtle
We get some far back history here in this line. It suggests that bending as we know it originated from Energbending and from there you can come up with interesting theories on other subjects. His line from part 2 also plays an important role here, in that heart and mind are where you place your hands to initiate energybending and explains why Aang succeeded. He had a true mind and a true heart and so beat Ozai's evil and took his bending. Ozai was only powerful because of his bending, without that what can he do, the perfect way to stop Ozai. One final topic on the Ozai and Aang fight. That being the fight itself in this episode. While Part 3 focused on Aang using all 4 elements in his fighting, here we not only get to see Aang bend all 4 elements at the same time but also we get to see the Avatar State at full power for a full fight. The sheer power of Aang was insane, he could compress water and earth, use Air to weather rock and unleash ferocious fire. It was bending at it's powerful best and Ozai stood no chance, it was how utterly relentless Aang was, Ozai had nowhere to go and could do nothing. Then when Ozai was captured and we get Aang with his second chance to end Ozai, but this would be even worse for Aang, killing him when he was not even in control. Through what Aang in the Avatar State says we effectively see the Avatar without the humanity, the Avatar Spirit is in control and it talks to Ozai at this moment, this is what a spirit would do to end the war and may even explain why the Avatar was created, but what it does definitely show is the plus sides of an Avatar being human. The Avatar Spirit was prepared to execute Ozai for his crimes, while Aang is against it.
Fire Lord Ozai, you and your forefathers have devastated the balance of this world, and now you shall pay the ultimate price.  - Aang (Avatar State Voice)
He breaks out of the Avatar State before killing him, in this moment you think Ozai is going to kill Aang with his back turned, but we get the epic moment of Aang using Toph's seismic sense to "see" Ozai and trapping him on his own. Which for me was very important to see that Aang even not in the Avatar State could trap Ozai. He then activates the Avatar State himself and raises the water level putting out the fires of the Wulong Forest. In that moment he is a fully realised Avatar and it is glorious. I will discuss Azula vs Katara next. It is a short part  of the episode but great. Quite simply Katara cannot fight Azula in a heads up bending fight, comet assisted it is too one sided. So Katara is on the defence and has to use her brains and so lures Azula over a water drain and freezes herself and Azula before unfreezing herself and chaining Azula. It was Azula's aggression and lack of emotional control that lost her the fight, Katara's waterbending move is one of my favourite waterbending moments of the series. This scene had something I did not expect at all, that being a super intense and pretty disturbing moment of a defeated Azula completely breaking down in tears and anger and so many emotions. At that moment how can you not pity her, Ozai raised her to be that way and she has no way to handle defeat, she is broken at the end and it is shocking, for a Nick show it is dark. In terms of the OWL section of this story there is only one moment I want to mention and that is just how symbolic it is that Iroh is the one to burn down the fire nation insignia in Ba Sing Se, his destiny has come to pass, he has taken Ba Sing Se back from the fire nation. I was shocked with how utterly emotional the Airship scenes were. Sokka breaking his leg in a fall to another airship, him catching Toph by the arm to save her life and then Sokka sacrificing his two trademark weapons to save himself and Toph. It was intense, when more firebenders came they both resigned themselves to death before Suki came. It goes from this tragic moments of Sokka and Toph about to die to screaming "YESSS" when Suki saves them. The Airship stuff is kind of the c plot of the episode, but that is not a slight against it as it is so well done and emotionally draining to watch. I could probably go on all day, so I will end by discussing the epilogue and the end of the episode. I think the music for the epilogue is perfect, in the show it signifies the end of the war and for us, the fans, it signifies the show coming to a close. The Mai and Zuko reunion and that perfect line for their relationship "I think it means... I actually kind of like you is a great little moment. For their relationship to go from "I don't hate you" being a huge thing to "like" is a great way to show how close they are. The coronation scene is great on multiple counts, to see Zuko and Aang as friends, Katara's big realisation when she sees Aang presented to the crown and just having so many minor characters from past episodes return it is a fantastic scene to show the development of the shows two main characters: Aang and Zuko. From reluctant Avatar to hero Avatar and from Banished Prince to Fire Lord, two incredible character arcs. We get that moment that fans have been asking about since it aired, Zuko asking Ozai about his mother. Now given that we are 4 and a half years on and only now are we actually going to get the answer to Ursa's fate, I have to say that this cliffhanger in the finale does not work at this point in time. It is clear that they were not going to give us the answer and only put plans in place with the announcement of The Promise and then The Search comics. Therewould be no problem if within a year or two we got an answer, but no for at least  3 years this is just a cliffhanger with no answer. My thoughts will definitely change on this once we get the answer in The Search, but right now, we still do not know. Then for them to end not just the episode, but the series with Aang and Katara realising how much they care for each other and THAT KISS, it is just perfect. No words are needed between the two, they know each other so well and no know how they both feel. Overall this episode managed to do so much in just 22 minutes. From Avatar State to energy bending, wrapping up 4 plot threads and having an epilogue. It is clear that an obscene amount of effort was put into this episode and it definitely shows. This is the type of ending many shows dream of ,but never get. Wonderful episode and series. Favourite Moment/ Katara and Aang kiss to end the series. Favourite Line/ " Today, this war is finally over. I promised my uncle that I would restore the honour of the Fire Nation, and I will. The road ahead of us is challenging. A hundred years of fighting has left the world scarred and divided. But with the Avatar's help, we can get it back on the right path, and begin a new era of love and peace." - Zuko