Pretty weird situation to be in. I can, I think, exclusively reveal that the 3rd Korra Junior Novelisation has been cancelled. I am sure many of you probably suspected as much based on the lack of information coming out about it. No cover or full title shown. [caption id="attachment_8403" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Revolution book Here is the cover to the first of the junior novels, Revolution.[/caption] The 3rd junior novel following, Revolution and Endgame was meant to be out 2 days ago on January 7th, but I was unable to find it. Amazon then said on both their uk and us site that the book was unavailable. I then decided to take matters into my own hands and contact Random House, the publisher.After a few emails back and forth I got the following reply
Hello again, Morgan. No problem. Also, I apologize. The first time I checked the system and I did not think to check the other retailers to verify that the title had been released. Upon further inspection, I see that the original release date was 1/7/14, however, the title has since been cancelled. Our systems do not indicate when the cancellation took place or for what reason. They also do not indicate a future release date.
This is sad to see, not because I was insanely excited for the book, but because this would have been teh first mass market Book 2 Spirits merchandise released. Seeing any Korra merch cancelled is not good too see. I for one found the junior novels interesting even if they were not aimed at me or most hardcore Avatar fans, they were quick reads with some additional information that the show did not have. I was eager to see what they would reveal about Book 2 Spirits. Sadly this probably spells the end of the junior novels overall. Thoughts on this news? If you are interested in the junior novels check out my review of 1 and 2